In the Water

Jack M

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Indian River ,Michigan

Looks great and I see you got wings on the gate too!
Look beautiful. A gorgeous looking boat. Congratulations on it all finally falling into place, and just in time for Memorial Day weekend - the defacto start of boating season in Michigan.
Congrats Jack! Love it!
Looks Sweet Jack!!!!
looks great! The name is??? Snow or Ice something?
I don't name mine . It's bad luck to change them and I know I would
Thanks again everyone. Hopefully the weather will cooperate now
Very nice, 4th is a charm!
Very nice Jack! Congrats! You can exhale now! Ha!
Thanks everyone .
4 will be it ,my friend that owns the Bennington Dealership has sold the business . Closing on the sale this Friday ,retiring on 7/2 .
I have already been offered 20k more than I paid ,but it would cost me more than that in a divorce .:cool:
Jack, time to try out the 303 Graphine. I’m curious how easy it is to use. I read that it permanently stains any application cloths. I don’t see that as a big deal, but I did read and see a guy who said it puts black spots in any paint chips. That could be bad news for us with white boat areas.
I put it on the hood of my car and did the Verado about 3 weeks ago . I used micro fiber towels . No stains on the towels ,or residue on my hands either . No water spots on the hood ,still waiting to check the motor . Supposed to rain the next 3 days . I may not have to wait long .
Was that an amazon review you are referring to ? I dont trust their reviews at all .
I know for a fact sellers bribe people for favorable reviews . That is going back to 2012 ,when they 1st attempted to bribe me