I would bet things would have been a lot worse if you were on a different brand boat as their construction methods aren’t as robust.

lakeliving makes an excellent point.
After reading his comment, I looked at the construction of some of the other brands and have to agree. I'm glad we found Bennington and can't wait to order next year.
Todays the day!!!!! Come on 2:30!!! Pics to follow!! Oh, Mother Nature, hold off with the potential showers, PLEASE!!!!
My impression after a year of ownership is if Bennington would start working directly with customers and not through dealers for ordering parts, it would greatly improve customer satisfaction. I've ordered several parts under warranty and, like most dealers during the boating season, you are one of the least important customers as they have already made the sale. I've had to call Bennington twice for parts I've ordered that were taking months to get and the root cause was my dealer had them sitting on a shelf and didn't even know it. Bennington has awesome support when I call them directly but I'm forced to use my dysfunctional dealer to get the parts I need. Adds time and frustration to the process.
I will try to get some better pics on Wednesday!
Going to be a great summer Jim
Nice! I even saw blue skies in the photos.
Looks like a great boat Jim! Congratulations on finally getting it, and being out on the water with it. I hope you have a spectacular summer on your new boat.
Nice! I even saw blue skies in the photos.

It was a nice day, very windy. Going to be 80 Wednesday, I see a half day of work ahead!!
Finally picked it up!!! Yahoo! Totally love it and had a wonderful day out on the Lake. It's going to be a F.U.N. summer!! Just need some warm weather! LOL
Finally picked it up!!! Yahoo! Totally love it and had a wonderful day out on the Lake. It's going to be a F.U.N. summer!! Just need some warm weather! LOL

Well let’s see a pic or it ain’t true !! :D
Received word from my marina that our new 23 SSBXP SPS will arrive tomorrow! We ordered it on 2/11/18 at the Hartford, CT boat show...so just under 12 weeks. He has the Yamaha 150 and prop, but will need a week or two to get it prepped as they have been busy. 3 boats arrived today and 4 more tomorrow!
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We finalized our boat on 2/4/19. Received notice today that our build date will be 3/22/19. Don't know if that is the start date or the completion date. Figure it should actually take no more than a week to do the actual build. I am sure the boats are built as sub assemblies. I know I drove past one of the pontoon mfgs. in Elkhart one day and there were a number of completed toons stacked out side. I think it would be to costly to build them one at a time.

Nope, built one by one. Mine took 2 days to finish. Now they may be building 20 of them all at once, and all different models.
I should have used different terminology for completed toons. I should have used the phrase completed tubes. I kind of figured it should only take several days to complete as there really isn't a lot that goes into a build.

One would think these boats have to fly through the assembly process. The season is relatively short for most of us and when you look at the number of shows that "Bennington" shows at, sells at, everyone wants there boat this year. When we were at the Milwaukee show the salesman (Finance Manager) was pushing us to get an order in early so we could get the boat built before Memorial day, this was back at the end of January. When you look at theBennington sight for the shows for the reminder of the year, I think there will be a lot of boats being built.

SEMPERFI8387, have you be to te Bennington Plant? I think it would be cool to see how they are actually built.

No, never to the plant. My dealer asked me to go a couple times, but it just never fit my schedule. Some day I'm going to make sure to get up there and tour it.