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Is it okay if I just start a thread for posting random photos from little day trips? Sometimes I just have a few shots I'd like to share but don't want to post a whole thread for it. Maybe some of you feel the same? Feel free to post your own photos here from your adventures on the water if you'd like! 

The forecast today in Utah was not ideal for boating. We've been getting pounded by the summer monsoons. Lots of big thunderstorms that have been causing flash floods and even landslides the last few days. But today was the start of the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Expo in Salt Lake and I have media credentials to attend. The only other way to get in is to pay big bucks and be either a gear manufacturer or a retailer. This is the first year I've gotten media cred so I'm really stoked about it. They kick it off by doing an 'Open Air Demo' at a nearby reservoir so I decided to take some friends up and do a little 'work'. Just as we showed up at the ramp, it started pouring on us, but then it cleared up and we had the lake basically to ourselves all day long. Glassy water and beautiful scenery with low storm clouds brushing through the surrounding peaks. All of the OR folks congregate on one beach and play on kayaks, paddle boards, etc. so as far as motorized traffic, we were really almost alone. Perfect!

The pics:  











We spent the last hour of the day doing the 'work' at the Open Air Demo

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Very nice! Keep the pics comin................

Heard about that one community in Utah that had so much rain that mudslides caused some houses to cave in because the foundations came out from under them. Sad for them...........
Post away!! I love seeing your pics and reading about your travels.
Always glad to see your photos bcpnick, keep posting them on this thread
Thanks for posting, maybe one of the moderators can pin the thread to the top, that way it doesn't get moved down. But I guess if people keep posting their pictures it will stay at the top anyway
LOVE the pics. The boat looks great and you have some very cool boat dogs!

Nice pics Bama. Love the led's
For any new members checking in here, you need to check out Nicks website for some awesome reading and absolutely incredible photos. There is a "OFF ROAD" travel one that is awesome ...... "Great Colorado Expedition 2012" with 9 parts.

This is the link to the "Water" section, but there are other sections as well.
Bama Kat, those shots of your boat with the LEDs has had me thinking hard about adding them to mine. It looks great and those are some killer shots! 

Thanks for the shout out Smitty! You could certainly burn some time getting lost in all the trip reports on BCP. We're up to 1,248 of them now since converting it into a forum in Jan 2012. Love it. :)
hey bcpnick I think you mentioned it before but I could not find it. What camera where you using if I may ask ?
Finally got my stainless steel prop in so I ran out to Utah Lake this evening to do a little test run with my wife and two of our dogs. This was my first time boating on Utah Lake and it was pretty surprising. It's a massive lake at nearly 100,000 acres, but the surprising thing is that it's extremely shallow. I'm used to boating in reservoirs where I pretty much always have at least 60-100' of depth under me. Sometimes upwards of 400' or more. At Utah Lake, I had to motor out quite a way just to get to 5' deep! After getting home, I found out that the deepest spot on the entire lake is only 14'. Maybe it's just my inexperience, but it felt a bit scary going so fast in such shallow water. But on the bright side, the evening light and distant shorelines made for some interesting scenery. I don't think I'll frequent this one often, but it was still pretty neat. Here are a few pics...

I hit 39.5 on the new prop. I'll post more on that in the other thread on the subject. I dig that RAM mount though. It's nice to have a nice big speedometer readout on the dash. 



There is a lot of smoke in the air here on the Wasatch Front right now because of all the wildfires burning in the Western U.S. It really made things look interesting way out there on the water. 




This was the first boat trip for our doberman. She is nearly 6 and still doesn't enjoy cars so we have been leaving her behind on boat trips. Turns out she is not a fan of the boat at all. This was about as comfortable as she got. She wouldn't even sit on the couch! 


But as usual, our oldest can't get enough! 





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Nick, Awesome pics as usual ......  :)   
Wonderful pics as always! I have the exact same trouble with our dogs! My female(Lulu) is always more than happy to just flop down on the floor and enjoy the sun(until she goes into 'fly hunter' mode), my male will just not settle down at all. He constantly paces back and forth and if you do finally get him to lay down, it's only for a second. It's disappointing because we just don't take them anymore because of it. Neither of them will actually get IN the water, my male (Gibson) is always excited to get out on the boat. He runs for it after we launch and I park the trailer and bring them back. The worst is if my wife goes out on the tube, he is just a panting wreck. So it means we are usually limited for how long of a stretch we can be out on the boat because we have to get back home to let them out. 

What kind of backpack/bag do you carry your gear in? We have a Kata Bug UL 255(pretty sure that's the right one). I like it, but am thinking I would like to find something just a little smaller for quick trips where I'm only bringing essentially the body and longer lense and probably one other. The Bug doesn't squeeze easily under a seat because of the aluminum frame and I don't feel like removing it all the time. Figured in your line of work you've probably tested a few! Thanks
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Man, I feel your pain. We didn't really plan it to happen this way, but we have four dogs. Three out of the four love the boat but our dobe hates even being on it in the driveway, so we're always either worrying about leaving someone too long or arranging for boarding for the longer trips. I don't think she'll ever get used to it, but fortunately she loves our boarding/trainer situation where she goes when we plan longer trips.

As for packs, I kind of have a different setup for every situation. My main camera bag is an Eight Million Dollar Home bag. That's what I take out on photo shoots that holds all of my lenses, filters, laptop etc. If I have to do external lighting/umbrellas for portraits or architecture, I just throw that all in a big duffel. I really like it and the quality is great, but it's not ideal for every situation. From there, I just kind of adapt to whatever I'm doing and move the gear into more appropriate bags as needed. If I'm hiking, I carry my camera in a Clik Access and put my lenses into neoprene lens sleeves. Not as fancy as a dedicated camera pack but I've tried several out and I haven't liked them and really just don't want to carry the extra weight, especially on multi-day trips.

For boat trips, it's actually kind of embarrassing what I use. I have a large Mountain Smith padded dry bag that I keep as kind of my 'big bag' of electronics and camera gear on the boat. It is usually stowed away so my camera and secondary lens usually reside in a little Mountain Smith soft-sided 6-pack cooler. Yeah... a cooler.  :rolleyes:   But it's actually pretty well suited for it. It's the perfect size for the camera plus an extra lens or two in a neo sleeves and a few extra things I want to get at quickly. But it's also so small and stable that I can set it anywhere on the floor around the helm and have quick access to grab things out and set them back down with ease while I'm also busy driving. If it's time to put it away, I zip it shut and it doesn't matter if it rains or gets splashed on since it's made of the waterproof cooler material. Nothing that could be submerged of course, buts still pretty effective. I like it a lot better than dealing with a big bag that is hard to open/close and get things in and out while we're moving. When it's time to put it away for the night, I zip it all up and put it in the bigger dry bag for safety. It's simple but very effective.  
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Here's a repost of a pic of my old boat, but I'm finally headed back to Powell with the new boat next week so I thought I'd add it here. So excited to have that third tube storage and 200 horses for that trip! A week after that I'm taking her up to Grand Teton and Yellowstone for 4 nights boat camping. Many, many more photos coming to this thread. B)

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Didn't take long for the old Gee to show up. Thought maybe you lightened up ... Guess not.

I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt

Keep posting and typing Nick. 99.9% of us like to read your posts. The other 1/10th percent can simply click "next unread topic".
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