That's fine and good, but I sure hope people don't stop talking about photos either. A photo is worth how many words again?

1000 !!!
Keep the pictures coming bcpnick, love seeing them and wish I had the talent
Great pics!!

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Wow, if the boat wasn't in pic, you wouldn't know which way was up or down!! It's a mirror!!
Absolutely magnificent photography!
Wow, the retired slalom skier in me dreamed of water like that. Reminds me of mornings in coves on Lake Cumberland at times. Well done.
Thanks, guys. I'm no slalom skier, but as a photographer, I have dreams of water like that too! :) Here are a few other nice glassy water moments from over the years. Not necessarily accessed via pontoon, but just as easy to appreciate. :)





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Ummmmm ...... WOW!!!!!!!
These photos are ridiculous. Truly professional caliber. Nice job!
Wish I was that talented!  I think I will bring my camera to the lake this weekend and try to take some pix of my boat
You guys are too kind. Thank you. I was going to try to just post photos from pontoon trips in this thread, but those seemed applicable. Backpacking/hiking has been my priority for quite a long time so I have a pretty big library of photos from all that. Just starting to build my boating library. 

And yes, please, post photos! I still have 4 days, 15 hours, 9 minutes and something like 36 seconds until I get to take the boat out again for our next Powell trip, so in the mean time, here's another pontoon photo. :)

Just got home and unloaded the boat from a 4 night trip to Lake Powell. I have 1,195 photos and 4 gigs of video to work through, but this shot popped out. This was the view of our camp this morning just as the sun broke over the horizon.