Who's on Lake Norman?

Btw.... Water temp is currently 64.4*. It'll be a little chilly but should feel good when it warms up.
We took a short run from Blythe Landing to Port City and to the Marina. If the weather forecast holds for sunny and 80's, we'll be out on Sunday and come by to say hello!
And don't forget the batteries.   :p    If you still have them.
I'm using one to power my stereo on my golf cart but the other is all yours. Still sitting on a shelf in the garage.
I guess I can chime in again and update . . . if all goes well I'll be moving in to my Mooresville Lake House on June 1st or 2nd.  I also put a deposit on new but leftover Benny.  Barring any problems (and we're very skittish after 2 years of this house selling business - I'm knocking on wood right now) I'll be able to place my pin on the map in the owners section.  I'm just trying to decide if I want them to deliver the boat or if I want to buy (and store) a trailer. 
That's great news! Welcome to the LKN club. I'm trying to bribe Carl with deep cycle batteries to host a Bennypalooza at his pad sometime this summer. Hopefully we'll make it happen.
Hello everyone!

First time pontoon and Bennington owner here in Cornelius.

My wife and I moved here with our 21' Checkmate in tow from Cleveland about 8 years ago. been on and off the lake since and this year we decided to try a pontoon for the kids. The Bennington brand was an obvious choice and we found a well taken care of 2550 recently.

We enjoyed our first trip out and look forward to many more! This page and group look like a wonderful resource so I figured I would introduce myself here.

Looking forward to a great summer! Hope to see you out there sometime.
Welcome to the party Brent.
Amazing weekend on the water. I can't believe how many people were out yesterday and today. We had the island to ourselves this morning and then by noon the party arrived. Weather couldn't have been better and even got a decent suntan. Okay, maybe a little burnt.

If the weather holds for this Saturday, we'll be back at it.
We were out both Sat and Sun, sooo beautiful on this lake this weekend. Traveling over the next few weeks, but hope to get back on the lake after that!
You made the right move Spinzone
Thanks, Link. We tried to recreate your famous photo with a Miller Lite in hand but I couldn't get the raft to hold me up!
We had a Beauty Saturday by Sunday was cloudy. No boating for us on weekends. Sunday we went to the lake and watched the crazies launch and retrieve. It is a trip to watch :rolleyes:   :rolleyes:  . Nobody around during the week to catch me doing the "It's not on the trailer right" The real show is when the launch pad has a cross wind. :D    
Good day everyone,

I'm fortunate and am located within minutes of Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake, or Lake Wylie.  I've never boated on Norman due to reliability issues with my prior boat, but with the new Benny, I'm looking forward to doing some exploring.  What are some good places to eat that have boat docks on Lake Norman?  Are there any secret hidden coves I should visit?

Thank you for your advice...and if the secret coves are too secret to post, please PM me. :)
There are I believe 9 on water eateries but my two favorites are Port City (extreme SE part of lake) and Blue Parrot (just north of the big 150 bridge over the river).  All of the rest are good; never had a bad experience.  The Rusty Rudder (or Crusty Crab as I've come to call it for some odd reason) can get loud and rowdy, especially on the weekends. 
If you need a tour just let us know. The Landing is also good as is The Boathouse.
Go to Walmart or the local chamber of commerce and get yourself a good map of the lake. (Carl gave us a really good one when we finally moved down here.)

It will show all of the channel markers, shoals, boat ramps, state parks, local parks, etc. etc. It will give you a really good understanding of where you are and where you need/want to go......
How are the lake levels with all the rain we’ve been getting? We’re bringing a big group up this weekend and hoping the island sandbar by Governor’s isn’t completely under water.
How are the lake levels with all the rain we’ve been getting? We’re bringing a big group up this weekend and hoping the island sandbar by Governor’s isn’t completely under water.
The lake is up in our yard again. I don't know how much beach is there Chas.