Will put a deposit down Sat. on a 22 GSR

Thanks for the input!  I will call the dealer and add to the order.  
As you keep asking, we'll keep spending your money.     :p
Boat does stand for "bring on another thousand" doesn't it?
Well, sold the Misty Harbor today.  Dealer says build date will be in September.  Is Bennington that far behind?  I put the deposit down on the 19th.  Oh well, boatless and must be patient. Not complaining, I am glad sales are healthy and Bennington will be around for a long time.  Met a owner last weekend at Topsail, I was wondering if they were on the forum.  

Thanks for all the input and I enjoy reading the blogs and picking up tips for keeping my new ride sharp for a long time.  You guys are great!
Thanks for the thread.  Off to Vegas tomorrow for continuing education on taxes, yeah I know not everyone's cup of tea, but I have to stay on top of my trade.  Back on Wed.  That will move me another week closer, daughter is getting married at the end of Aug, so it will be Sept before I know it and my BRAND NEW BENNINGTON will be on it's way.  Have to be positive.  Sold my jetskis in 5 days earlier this year and my pontoon is 9 days.  I could be looking at both in the yard and wishing.  I am truly lucky and blessed to be able to due the things I like.  I guess I have PADS really bad, but the cure is on the way!
After a long wait......this is the week for my New Benny to be built!  Will be interesting to see what new standard or upgraded features will be included.  I ordered most of the extras, so I should be on the water in a couple of weeks (rain or shine)  It should be rigged and ready by the 20th, but I will be in the middle of a 4 day motorcycle ride to the NC mountains.  Hope to be in the water on the 27th.  They say patience is a virtue, we will see.  I know I will forget the waiting once I get her out!
It really exists.  Went to the dealer on Saturday.  My new baby was in shrink wrap.  Dealer peeled it off and there it was, right colors, sharkhide and correct flooring.  I can hardly wait to get her wet.

Motorcycle trip this week, should pick it up the following week.  I know pics, yes I took some but my phone is being difficult.  I will post as soon as I get that worked out.
Finally figured out the pic thing.  Look in my gallery.
Very nice !!!
Nice toon.
Agreed, gorgeous.  My friend bought a benny with the exact color setup and I admired his when I saw it
Thanks guys!  More pics when I get her fully rigged.  I do like the color, it should be better for reducing water spots.  
Nice looking Pontoon.  Enjoy!