Will put a deposit down Sat. on a 22 GSR


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Clayton NC
Excited to put my deposit on a 22 GSR, 250 yamaha with tons of options.  I added the power bimini.  Is this a dependable option?  I have a covered lift and think I will use it a bunch.  All the LED options, ESP with center storage, raised helm.  What am I missing guys.  I am coming from a Misty Harbor 2285CS with a Suzuki 115.  I think the handling and speed will be a blast.  Ready to become a Bennington owner!

Have a place on Topsail Island, on the deep water canals.  I think we will use the boat a lot.  I have enjoyed reading the forum for the last couple of days.  Can't wait for the delivery.
Oh you are in for a treat! Quite a step up. What about depth/fish finder? Power steering I'm assuming, if not then add it.
Nice build JBL. Would add underdeck wave shield and I would think the elevated helm includes the R Captain's Chair but if not add it, not only for the looks it is comfortable as hell
Looks like a great build to me. Make sure you have the saltwater options given where you'll be. I have the power bimini and love it. Same situation here with a covered lift so I use it every time in and out.

Topsail's a beautiful place. My daughter was a mission camp counselor there on the beach last summer and I didn't think she'd ever come back!
The retractable bimini is a great option for someone that has to lower their bimini to get the boat in their lift.  It takes a very strong, tall man too deal with manually lowering a bimini in a swift wind.  The top comes from Schwintek, and it has the same high torque, but very small, motor that powers fifth wheel travel trailers' sliding rooms.

Sounds as if you're getting a completely loaded boat.  Don't forget to get the saltwater package on your boat that has additional sacrificial zinc anodes and who knows what else.

Is your engine a F250 or a 250 SHO?  Either way, it's going to perform well. 
I would add the privacy chaise. I couldn't imagine my toon without the privacy room. I LOVE the GSR model. I'd trade my RLi for one in a heartbeat. You'll love the elevated helm. That's a deal killer for us. We looked at dealer leftover GCW last year, but it had standard helm. After owning the elevated, we could not go back to standard. Probably one of those "if you never had it you'd never miss it" things.
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Thanks for all the ideas. Yes on the saltwater series, under skinning, garman color plotter/gps, power steering. Extra wide capt chair....is the r series that much better? The power Bimini has the blue LED lights also.
regular 250
Oh and privacy chaise. Should run low to mid 40 mph. This should be like going from a camry to a corvette with Lexus comfort.
I have always had trouble envisioning the boat by looking at TB's drawings of the boats on the build a boat.  Looking at the GSR & the GCW aft seating am I correct that the GSR seats are the same as the front seats with the curve towards the center while the GCW are strictly a straight lounge chair?  Anyone tell me the reason why prefer one over the other?
I have a GCW with stern lounge upgrade and I have speakers in the corners. The ONLY thing I do not like is the placement of the remote radio controls. GSR is as you stated the front is the same as the back, it is a little more Versatel in seating options and configurations. You could add the filler seat, and there is a filler pad, I forget what it is called.
The main reason....my wife likes the seating of the GSR over the GCW.  She feels the stern seating will be used more than stricly a chaise style.
Exactly what JBL said. My wife felt the seating would be more utilized over the chaise. All of the rear loungers I have seen on my lake, all the people are in the bow and not using the lounge (Just my experience).

I personally like the GSR layout. Very nice when 2-6 people on board, it makes the boat feel very spacious. There also wasn't a back on the sides of the loungers, so it wasn't as relaxing to sit on them when we checked models.
In the event I get stricken with PADS, I will be looking closer at the GSR. Not mentioned above is the addition of a table as well.
I bet a air mattress front and rear would fit perfect also in the GSR ......  :)

I just might have to see if my dealer would trade my 2011 RLi on a 2013/14 GSR with elevated helm and privacy .......  :wub:

Oh no ....... I might have been infected ......  :(
You know there is only one way to cure the infection!!!  I am going with champagne and regatta blue accent panels and bimini.  I got it bad right now.
Now if I would step up to the R from a G I would probably go with the RCW because of the view. Decisions, decisions...

Wait...what? Is this how it starts? Is this how you get infected?

I think I found a cure...

Go to another dealership ( I went to Godfrey Pontoon dealership) and walk around on there "upper level" boat. No matter what Bennington you have, you'll be happy with what you have. I walked arouns on a AP and a SP. Nice boats, intriguing layouts, but nothing compared to mine. Not even close. 
Yep, we are planning on utilizing the area in front of the co-captain chair for the pack and play, looks to be the right amount of space. We are also looking to get a portable table/cooler for the bow, so we can keep the new little bean in the shade area.
Thanks Bull,

I see you have pretty much the same boat.  Anything else I should add?  I called today and had them add a ladder under the front.  Will get the order going tomorrow.