LED interior lighting

LED interior lighting

These are 7" 60W equivalent Home Depot LED fixtures with Velcro hangers that loop over the bimini frame. Very little power draw, and is powered by my inverter. I also have 2 small fans that run off the inverter for those warm days or nights...haven't needed them yet
Any worry of attracting bugs?
We used the lights from 8:30-11 a couple of nights and no problem. We had already dropped the enclosure sides and ends and buttoned up for the night, but left the windows open until bed time. Nothing came through the screen, of course, and the enclosure is not exactly close fitting. There are some tiny bugs flying around but we had no problem on our lake, but I suggest not turning on the lights until you are closed up. We have no mosquitoes here, so that is not a problem.
Nice setup !!
Plenty bright for reading, etc., about the same as my home. The best part is no heat and very little power draw. I did notice that because of the light design any bugs that got in the enclosure were attracted to the light, and ended up collecting in the diffuser. Simple job to unscrew it and dump. We saw very few flying around, certainly not enough to be a problem. 

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