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    23RFBA delivery in days; couple questions

    I have a 2019 R23CWA ESP with a 300 Yamaha. It’s propped with a 15 1/2 x 17 SWll mounted in the first hole. Max RPM’s 5800 and 48MPH, good hole shot and performs very well.
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    Prop selection for Q25 w/300 Verado

    I have a 19 R23CW with a cladded arch and Yamaha 300CA I’m running a 15 1/2 x 17 SW11 prop. I max out at 5800 RPM and 47 MPH. The boat does seem to sit low to the stern compared to my last boat a GCW with sport arch. My motor is also mounted in the last hole. I would like to get to 6000RPM but...
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    Change ladder??

    Sorry for the delay, yes it's the ladder in the picture. Jack let me know if you want to go look at it, I will let you know the location of my slip. Andy
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    Change ladder??

    My 2013 GCW came with a 3 step ladder, we had the dealer put a 4 step on and  it works great. Andy
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    Questions on 2274 GL order & about this forum.....

    We have the four step ladder , I think it's very sturdy and works great. Good luck with your order.   Andy
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    Arch Bimini Question

    Jack, I have to store mine in the floor storage, it's the only place large enough. I have left our bimini top up all season so far, so have not had to store it yet.   Andy  
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    Arch question .

    Jack, you push the light pole in and turn the collar on the bottom. Andy
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    Arch question .

    Jack, Not sure what you are asking for, I will be glad to help if I can. Andy
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    Boat Delivery with pics

    She's a beauty!!!   also very nice pic's. Andy
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    2375 RCW ESP Prop Suggestions

    I went with 15 1/4 x 18 salt water II-SDS, runs the boat 6000 rpm and 44mph. It was prop from a Yahama performance bulletin. Andy
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    Towing Cover For Benny ?

    I towed my 2375 450 miles with the factory cover on it , and it held up fine. I would not how ever use it if there was much wind. Andy
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    First Dent

    I put the first dent in our rub rail the second time we docked. My wife was there when I did it, now I can't blame it on my kids. Andy 
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    Got my new Benni today! Very Impressed!

    I like the seagrass floor also looks great! Andy
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    More pics of my boat

    Thats a super sharpe looking boat!!!! congrats Andy
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    Delivery day and lake trials

    A wise man once said " a cold day on the lake is better than no day on the lake."  Nice boat !!! Andy