1. W

    Dock safety on Tims Ford

    Hi everyone. We are new Bennington owners! I'm writing for specific advice about finding someone to install a Dock Lifeguard or an electrical meter on our dock at Tims Ford. We won't let our kids swim off the dock until we know it's safe. We have called a certain electrician for about a...
  2. Kells

    Suredock system - Ropeless Docking (solution for bumper burn)

    There was a post a few weeks back about getting the right bumpers for your boat and dock, and I commented about my bumpers starting to burn the sharkhide on my pontoons after I spent countless hours polishing them  I posed a couple pics there...  Burning my sharkhide just 24hrs after dropping my...
  3. Pittsburgh

    Help With Dock

    My existing dock is a focus of another add on / make over I would like a I_I..... U Shaped Dock to park Benny In  Unfortunately on this man made lake the lake drops significantly from the shore line  To build the U shaped dock with the S21 even if each leg of the U is 18 - 21 foot in length...
  4. Pittsburgh

    Dock Bumpers

    Wave Armor 24"L Horizontal Dock BumperItem # 437944 Customer Rating:★★★★★  Write a review. This action will open a modal dialog.   Key Features Protects from dock damage Durable polyvinyl material Superior strength and longevity Mounts easily 24"L x 10"H x 6"D   Our Price  $59.99 Low...