fish finder

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  3. JaccFrost

    Fish finder solution

    Since this is on a pontoon and mostly only inland lakes and sometimes out the pier to lake Michigan, the need for Navionics cartography isn't really necessary, is it? I know I want down imaging. But would the additional map from Navionics really benefit me?
  4. mng8r

    Installed a Lowrance-4 on my 20SF

    Last weekend I installed a Lowrance Elite-4 HDI on my 2013 20SF. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to mount it and searched through the forums for ideas. I kind of combined a couple. I kind of struggled with the idea of drilling a hole in the console for the cabling and mount, but couldn't find...
  5. R

    I want to replace my Garmin 95 Fish Finder with GPS

    I have a 2011 2275 RCW that came with a Garmin 95 Fish Finder.  It is installed in the dash as noted in the photo.  I would like to replace it with a GPS unit that will fit into the same space.  Does anyone have any experience doing this?  Can you suggest a GPS unit that will fit into this same...
  6. T20Lakedude

    Switching out Garmin 100

    Got a Garmin 100 with my new GSR expecting it to be adequate for our pleasure cruises. This week I discovered the Garmin 301dv and fell in love with it. I now have been wondering the complexity of changing out unit, wiring and transducer. I believe the foot print of the 100 & 301dv are...