1. Dawns benny

    Teen towable fun help

    I have a 2018 20 ft benny fishing pontoon with a 90hp yamaha 4 stroke. I need a towable tube that will get out of the wake to throw my teen boys off. I have an airhead slash 2 but it's very hard to get it out to the side. Tried the 4k tow booster ball and it's a dud! Does anyone have a good...
  2. M

    Need Help and Ideas Replacing Radio

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2005 Bennington 2075 RL with the stock radio system in place. I want to replace and update the radio to make it more up to date I am open to all ideas and attached i took picutres of the system. You Can look at the pictures here  Thanks for the Help!
  3. Pittsburgh

    Just Had A Heart Attack (LOL)

      My Dealer of Choice just sent me an invitation to an Open House  Tempted to drive out just to take a look !
  4. Pittsburgh

    Toys Toys and Toys

    You Have To Love Boating 
  5. Pittsburgh

    Unusual Pontoons

    The Possibilities are Endless
  6. Pittsburgh

    Winterize Boat

                                     Protect Your Boat Fully  The Battery is best removed from boat and stored indoor. Electrolyte inside battery can freeze and crack the battery case. The last thing you want is sulfuric acid draining in the bilge. Storing the battery ashore also allows you to...
  7. B

    Pontoon Leak

    I have heard bubbles after launching from day one and recently noticed the same sound after driving fast. I  peaked under the boat after pulling into slip and saw bubbles! I then took a short video attached. looks like it is on the seam behind the lifting strake. if it was a strak weld... easy...
  8. M

    Pontoon Finish Issues After Toon Brite

    We recently used Toon Brite to clean up our 2013 QCW TriToon. It seems the product removed a finish coat. Does any one know what I might be able to do to restore it?
  9. S

    Pontoon width

    I have a 2004 Bennington Pontoon boat, 205 FS.  Does anyone know what the measurement is between the pontoons?  I am looking to buy a trailer and want to be sure the bunks on the trailer have enough adjustment on the trailer.  The boat is in Florida and I am in Georgia....  Any one know this...
  10. R

    Windshield for older Bennington Pontoon

    I have a 2000 Bennington pontoon and am looking for a replacement windshield. Has anyone had any luck in locating one for an older unit?