1. S

    How to install an Amplifier?

    I'm wanting to install an amplifier for the speakers and a sub. Does anyone know how to get power & ground wires from the battery area to the stereo compartment? 
  2. oldredm3

    Serious Audio upgrade 2013 GSR 2550

    :) I ordered a brand new 2013 GSR 2550 (from Midwest Marine in Harrisonville Mo - Good guys BTW). I ordered it with out a stereo at all. Reason is that the Wet Sound upgrade was a 1 amp solution for everything (Mids/Highs and Sub) and it didnt have enough power. My goal was not huge volume but...
  3. G

    Buy more vinyl + subwoofer question

    I'm struggling to find a good way to install a subwoofer in my 22 SSL and I'm considering building a small sub enclosure and mounting it behind the captain's chair. It would be really nice to buy some more vinyl that is exactly the same material as the seat upholstery to cover this sub...
  4. B

    aftermarket stereo is recommendations?

    Our 2013 2275 GCW has arrived but is still on dealer's property. Winter dry storage make for perfect time to think about adding to the existing stereo system we ordered, which is Sony M6 CD with USB, blue tooth and standard GCW Kicker speakers. We ordered the "Battery -Dual with Switch (port)"...