1. L

    Switches Heat Up

    I have a 2013 slx24 and Saturday night was out trolling for 30 minutes.  I turned on the three right switches which is the lights, aux for music and well pump on auto.  After I docked, when I touched the switches, they were one degree from melting.  So damn hot I almost burnt myself. On top of...
  2. B

    Connecting Refrigerator battery to Alternator and to an on off switch

    I am new to the forum and have looked everywhere for this and cannot find it. I am in the process of completely redoing my 2007 2550Qxi and am in the final stages of putting it all back together. I want to connect the Refrigerator battery to the Alternator so that it will charge while underway...
  3. Wiring Diagram of Blue Seas mini-add-a-battery install

    Wiring Diagram of Blue Seas mini-add-a-battery install

    Poor quality scan of my original diagram but this should give you a basic idea of how I connected everything. I tried to note on the diagram the wire gauges I used and the size lugs that needed to be on each individual cable. Used 4 AWG everywhere except from the ACR to the both batteries -...
  4. Kells

    Purchase of ACC Rocker Switches

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get the factory rocker switches on the helm panel?  preferably with text customization? http://img.benningtonmarine.com/images/inventoryImages/inv51db1bcf7b163/640px/2550-QBR-Illum-Switches-8003.jpg
  5. S

    Key Switch Wiring Diagram

    Anyone have access to a wiring diagram or "what wire goes to what" for a 2003 Bennington helm key switch?