1. R

    Trailer Comparison...heritage vs phoenix

    We are about to order our new 25 SSRCFBXP pontoon and are shopping between 2 dealers. One is offering a Phoenix trailer and the other has provided pricing with a Heritage trailer. Is one better than the other? Why? Would it be a $1,700 difference? Thank you.
  2. Tin Diesel

    Fun with reflector tape

    Since we can only get our boat in the water via trailer, I wanted to increase the visibility of the back-end after dark because there's not a lot of lighting back there. So I bought some DOT reflector tape on Amazon and had some fun!
  3. C

    3rd toon bunk kit needed

    I purchased a 21-foot Bennington tritoon and the trailer that came with it only has supports for the outer toons. I would like to add a third bunk for it but I'm having a hard time finding a source to purchase one. Any tips on sources for this would be appreciated
  4. T

    Newbie needs advice before pulling the trigger

    I'm considering the purchase of a new Bennington 21 SLXDL and tandem axle Yacht Club trailer, but because I'm a newbie when it comes to pontoons I have several questions about options and pricing.  I have not yet signed the purchase agreement with the dealer (in MN where I live) for the boat...
  5. C

    Trailering tritoon

    I recently purchased a 21 SL Tritoon. It was purchased in a private sale so it did not come from a dealer. The trailer that was supplied with the boat is a brand-new Venture pontoon trailer. It has 2 cribs and I wonder if the third pontoon also needs to be supported or if she can safely be...
  6. M

    'R' Trailer Recommendations ? For Sale?

    Help!?  Looking for trailer recommendations- 'R' Series 2575 Tri-Toon.  Hauling in/out during summer less than mile to ramp and also two 300 mile round trips/year.  Thoughts?  Any used for sale?
  7. C

    Trailer weight rating

    Im looking at new trailers for a 22slx with a 115 hp. Should I get 3000 or 4000 lb rated trailer? Im looking at tandem axle, galvanized bunk. Trailer wont be used very often, but maybe once a year to travel 75 mi. to different lake! Mostly for launch in spring & haul in fall. Maybe an occasional...
  8. Shoreland'r trailer - front

    Shoreland'r trailer - front

  9. Shoreland'r trailer

    Shoreland'r trailer

  10. Kells

    Dual Elliptical Owners - What are your hauling / storage solutions?

    Now that i'm forced to pull my boat for the first time after purchasing it this year, i'm realizing that i'm in a slight predicament. NOBODY has a cantilever / center lift trailer that fits this setup (too unstable at < 38" wide) NOBODY has a method of hauling this type of pontoon and...