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Discussion in 'Do-It-Yourself Projects' started by Remediation, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Remediation

    Remediation Well-Known Member

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    Lake Cumberland KY - White Oak Community Dock
    Sunday, the weather is nice and Jill is feeling pretty good.  I ask her if she wants to go boating.  Jill says "yes" and I go out the barn to get ready.  First time out this year.  Climb up the back of the boat to remove the battery tender.  On the 22SFX, there is a panel in the starboard rear corner that has connections to the battery that I hook the tender to.  This allows you not to have to remove the top of the battery box to get at the cables.  When you use the jump connections, I found out that the battery switch has to be on to get power back to the battery.  So last year I raised the sundeck pad for access to the battery switch.  When removing the tender, I looked at the raised cushion and thought, It will clear the trusses but I should lower it.  It was in front of the Bimini.  I would have to crawl under to get to it.  In my stupidity, I decided to deal with it later. Checked tire pressures.  Hooked up by myself.  Slowly pull out with the windows down to hear.  Get a huge bang and bump in the boat.  Forget to lower the sundeck cushion and it did not clear the door opening.  Hitting the door frame levered the cushion until it ran into the lowered bimini.

    Damage: Tears in the big sundeck cushion and a tear in the small cushion.  Destroyed the hinge cross-brace.   Destroyed the 2 hinges.  Bent top rails of the sundeck enclosure.  Bent 2 bimini struts.  Have not opened the bimini yet to check for additional damage.  Destroyed my day to have to tell Jill, I F'ed the boat up.  Spent the morning, removing parts and using bottle jacks to move the rails back into a workable repair.  Stopped being mad at myself and got the boat into shape and told Jill, we are going to the lake.  Had a great day on the water.  Cesears Creek in Ohio finally has a marina.  8 million dollars builds a really nice facility. Boated for the afternoon and got ice cream at the marina and had a great day.  Just got off the phone with our dealer and ordered the parts I needed.  Just hope repair parts don't take forever to ship.  I just need them to make a couple extra parts for the next 22SFX going down the line :D .  

    Morale: Don't be lazy and lower something with you see it in the barn. 
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  2. TomS

    TomS Well-Known Member

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    Clear Lake IN
    Sorry to hear this. It seems like I am guilty all the time of similar calamities, so join the club. In my house, the person who gets the most upset at me is ME, everyone else just rolls with it.

    It sounds like you recovered really well, though, and in due time it will be good as new :)
  3. lakeliving

    lakeliving Well-Known Member

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    Howell, Michigan
    Bummer for sure. Could have been a lot worse. I'm just glad you were able to get out on the water with Jill.
  4. Spoiledrotten

    Spoiledrotten Well-Known Member

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    Below the Mason/Dickson Line
    That's like being distracted by someone walking up to talk to you while your getting something ready. Advice... stop what you are doing until they leave, or ask them to wait patiently until you finish your task.  I say that because when I had my golf cart and trailer, a neighbor did just that; walked up and started talking. I did everything except secure the trailer to the ball. Yep, when I drove the cart up onto the trailer, it popped up, right into the tailgate of my truck. Huge dent! I replaced that one for a cheaper vented tailgate to be used when pulling our 5er. When those careless things happen, you wish your legs could be adjusted so you can kick yourself in the butt! I feel your pain, Remediation.
  5. Link

    Link Moderator

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    Sacandaga Lake, NY
    Sorry to hear Remediation, you handled it pretty well and it all can be fixed 
  6. chucktuna

    chucktuna Well-Known Member

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    We should start a topic about all the stupid things we've done while boating, towing, docking, etc.

    I ripped the whole upper section (dash/gauge/front cover) of our SeaDoo jetski off the watercraft when backing into a garage with the unit on a trailer and the upper section raised. Just caught the top of the garage entry and ripped the fiberglass all apart.
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  7. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    Oh sure you're pissed for a while but.......It can be repaired and nobody got hurt! That's what counts. 
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  8. kaydano

    kaydano Well-Known Member

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    Glad you put it behind you and had a great day with Jill.  How is she?
  9. cwag911

    cwag911 Moderator

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    Denver, NC on beautiful Lake Norman
    As they (I) say "$hit Happens".   :D
  10. mattb

    mattb Well-Known Member

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    Central Ohio
    More importantly, the marina, which is nice by the way, has ice cream...

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