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    What a weekend! What a boat!

    AWESOME, simply AWESOME!!!!!
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    First Dent

    Yea, but now the first one is over with:). It's always the hardest. So sorry, but now you can relax a little more and maybe enjoy a little more. I still remember my first, but I enjoy the boat more now that I'm not all nervous. Don't get me wrong, I still take care of my boat, but don't worry...
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    What is the "real world" difference between R and G class Bennys?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the r has closer cross member spacings than the g. As does the g over the s and the q over the r.
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    Trailer Brakes Issues

    It's best not to ride the brakes all the way down a long hill but rather to brake then release, brake then release to allow them to cool. Also it helps to put tow vehicle in a lower gear. In my experience hauling oversize and overweight loads, you never want to ride the brakes for a long period...
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    Rear-Facing Loungers: Big Group (Socializing)?

    Ok, I'll be that "ONE" person who disagrees. My first Benny was a 2250 gcw with the Loungers. At first we all loved them. But as time went on, the people sitting in the rear felt left out or didn't like having to turn around to be in a conversation. I then traded to a 2275 rli which has the...
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    Toon damage??

    BigKahuna, Your telling your age with the "clean diaper" comment. I can just see someone younger getting a clean disposable diaper out there to apply the shark hide:). Some people don't even know cloth diapers exist
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    Cleaning brown spots from tanning spray?

    I would NOT recommend testing on a hidden spot. Sunscreen not only stains the vinyl but also will make it brittle and weak. My son had a can of the spray on type get left in the seat, which then exploded from the heat of the sun. He wiped it off and finished the day on the lake. When he got...
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    mercury 4 stroke problem

    I agree with Riverbill, I don't think you should have any problem since you caught it early. If it had scored anything, it would have been getting hot. Even if oil is contaminated with water, it still will lubricate. If it were to get to thin, you would have lost oil pressure and gotten a...
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    Greetings from Central Oregon...

    Very nice and welcome aboard
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    Dingy for our toon

    Can you tow it ?????
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    Towing a tube

    When pulling a tube from the pylon, be extremely careful not to let the tube "submarine" after the riders fall off. This puts extreme pressure on the pylon and may cause it to bend. I hate to say it, but I don't think you will have a problem as I don't think you will have enough speed to throw...
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    Boat Is At The Dealer, Delivery Soon

    Congrats and welcome!!!! I know your going to love it. Have a great summer.
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    To Treat Or Not To Treat

    Like all above, 303,303,303,303. Great stuff!!!! They also have a cleaner to along with their protectant. I purchased some to try and to be honest, I was not impressed. The mild dish soap and water clean better.
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    Awesome Photo's & No B.S!!!

    Absolutely beautiful Gee!!