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    A non Sharkhide observation......

    Thanks. We have been good. Have been busy. Two grandkids now. Currently on a 16 day vacation. How about you and Diane.
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    A non Sharkhide observation......

    Hey everyone it has been awhile. When I got my last boat in 2014 I applied 3 coats of shark hide myself before putting it in the water. And have yet to reapply maybe next season. On the 4th season and still today people ask if my Benny is new. Yes I store it indoors on a trailer but I have...
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    Is anyone running a 48" trolling motor?

    I also have a 60 on mine and wish I had bought a 48", I had the same dalema when I purchased mine,  but realized after I installed and used it a 48 would have been fine.  A 60 sticks in the boat quite far when it is up. You can see pics in my gallery. it is also an 80" 24 volt. ...
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    Drone Photos

    Summer is going good, but to fast, we are on a 2 week vacation now. Trying to get as much time on the Benny as possible. Darcy is good, today is her b-day so we spent most of the day on the boat.  Hope your summer is going good too. And how is Diane, tell her we said hi. 
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    Drone Photos

    Darril  check DJI's web site, the price all depends on what you want. These are some better ones. I also have 2 quad copters (drones) a DJI Phantom 3 standard and also DJI Mavic Pro. The mavic pro is very nice, it is powerful  and has a lot of internal flight options, very compact and portable...
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday everyone  and happy belated birthday Andy. Been awhile since I have been on. 
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    Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    Looks great Daril, like the rest would love to see pics on the water.
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday fastmnstealth
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday 
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    Factory trolling motor plug

    Mine also included the male plug needed. 
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    2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    I had a 20ft S series 2 toons and no strakes with 90 and was told by the dealer at the time that it was sufficient. It went around 22 or so. But the minute I put a load on it I was down significantly. I had that boat about 10 months and then upgraded to a 21ft S series with SPS and a 150. The...
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    Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    I do not have a Mid American trailer. But have been looking at new ones and that would be one of my top choices. They are a good trailer. And there are a few that have them on this site so I am sure they will chime in. so imo you would have a quality trailer.  Oh and welcome to the club. 
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks everyone  Acually I am in Florida for work then been doing some boating and flying, Darcy had to stay home because she had to work. So I had to celebrate with out her.  
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    Bennington Owners Age

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    Opinions please

    I like the darker, to much up keep on the lighter.