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    Steps/Ladders for elderly

    We are buying this ladder from home depot. its a murphy ladder. it folds in half and then legs fold together. it should fit perfect under seat or in center tube...
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    Salesperson leaving

    Sam was my liaison as well and was awesome. When boat was being built, I emailed weekly and got prompt responses. Now just waiting on spring so I can use it… hahah
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    Finally adding a trolling motor to the boat!

    Had one on our old boat. Worked great. Just make sure it has 80+ pounds of thrust and you should be good. Looking to install a hidden mount on front so I don’t have to drill into front floor when I get my new benny
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    Did you receive a boat recently? When did you order?

    Mid February Mid September 22ssx-apg tritoon Yama 150f Central NY season was over so it’s staying at the dealer until spring
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    LX23 or LX24?

    Looks great!!
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    Simrad Go7 Boat or motor hours

    remember, thats running....we spend maybe 30 mins going to the spot and 5 hours floating... every now and then we will do a dinner cocktail cruise around the lake. Even tubing is only 2 hours or so at a time before kids are tired.
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    First Winterization Maintenance Questions

    i would think the fuel stabilizer is for the EFI injectors/gas and the fogging oil is for the cylinder walls... so spraying into the intake seems sufficient as long as you get blue smoke. the gas tank with fogging oil is a pain to rig (disconnect fuel line, etc) but easy to let it run until...
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    Good news bad news

    Ugh, I have a 22ssxapg sitting at dealer waiting for 150. I’m wondering if I will have the same issue.
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    Good news bad news

    What model is this happening too and where is the gas tank? just wondering if my boat will have the same issue.
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    What to do with the Bimini top?

    We take ours off. Left it on one year trying to hurry and mice made a nest leaving a few holes in our canopy…
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    New Owner

    Looks likes great build! Since you are moving to Florida in future… salt water package with sealed strakes.
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    How to know if ordered boat has gone into production

    Mid February. Yamaha f150 was ordered. The dealer has the serial number of the motor so we know it’s close…
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    How to know if ordered boat has gone into production

    My boat is at the dealer! We saw it and everything this past weekend! It is more of a sail boat at this point as the motor still isn’t in. My season is over in upstate NY so at this point, I’m fine if the motor takes until April… free storage. Hahah
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    Rocker Switches

    You typically only add positive side. Negative wire goes straight to battery or a battery fuse block (ground side) for all your accessories.
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    Delivery estimates?

    Ordered mid February. Boat just arrived at dealership on Saturday. Motor is on a truck somewhere but a call to shipping company from dealer didn’t get any answers. Lost a boating season in NY but can’t wait till next summer. Will be a long winter…