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    Surprising Warranty response from Bennington re rust???

    My new 23 LSB came in with the center toon dented both in the rear and in the front just aft of the nose cone. Dealer had to go back and forth with Bennington for the claim to be approved...then wait since spring to get a new center toon. Just came in and the Boat is at the dealer now waiting...
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    New Rig Issues

    Thanks...the nav lights are the plastic ones. The sour taste of the issues has clouded the enjoyment thus far. Disappointed at QC at the factory level and that the dealer didn't look at anything prior to delivery. Left to the owner to find. I'm sitting on the new owner survey trying to...
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    New Rig Issues

    So we took delivery in May of our new 23 LSB. Dented center toon both front and rear. Going to be replaced, not optimistic about how that is going to go. Particularly since it is the saltwater series. Our rear stereo controls on the swing back are dead as well. Wanted to see if I am missing...
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    New Boat has damage

    If it can be repaired I'd be good with that. I've only had an initial conversation with the marina, they have not seen it yet. I am sending pictures and they are sending someone to look at it. I'm concerned about replacement, my guess is it will never be the same. I'll keep you posted.
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    New Boat has damage

    Here are some pictures.
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    New Boat has damage

    Being new to the pontoon world I wanted to get folks input on something. I finally picked up my new 23LSB on Thursday. The boat was in the water, we water tested, then I closed and went to get the trailer registered so I could bring it home. Went back to the marina, hooked up an brought it...
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    New Bennington 25 LSB Build

    Nice! Same exact color combo we ordered! Great taste...LOL! Hope your weather turns soon so you can get out there an enjoy.
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    New Owner

    It's finally happening! Trailer is here, 6 weeks to the day after the boat. Scheduling the closing and water test and bringing it home! Over 7 months to get a trailer, unbelievable.
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    First Time Owner- 24LX

    You're a lucky guy!
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    First Time Owner- 24LX

    That is gorgeous! Just curious, did you order it or did your dealer have it available?
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    Ramp or Boarding Ladder for Dog

    Same here, Paws Aboard. Have not tried it on the pontoon but worked great on our fiberglass boats.
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    Manufaturing time on a 22' SVSRST Yamaha 150

    Same here Swamp King, the decision to go from fiberglass to pontoon was a very difficult one for me (not for my wife) and we looked at several before going the Bennington route. There was no comparison on quality, comfort and features. It was worth the wait, although my wait was pretty much...
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    Manufaturing time on a 22' SVSRST Yamaha 150

    Ordered 23 LSB, Yamaha 250 VMAX and trailer on September 10, 2021. Boat came in March 21, my understanding is the motor was already there on that date. Still waiting for the trailer.
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    Trailer benefits?

    For those who think you can pick up a trailer any time after you have your boat...I order the boat and the trailer on September 10 last year. Boat came in March 21...still no trailer. The trailer was ordered at the same time and the dealer told me I'd likely have the boat before the trailer...
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    22 vs 23LSB to save a little cash

    I can't believe how tough the used market is. When we sold our Crownline last year I had someone fly is from upper Michigan to Massachusetts to see the boat. Bought it and hired someone to haul it over 1,000 miles back to Michigan. 12 years old and 80% of what I paid. Hope you can find...