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    Fuel gage misreading

    My only issue with my 22SFi is that it seems to take forever to get from full to half, but once it gets as low as 1/4, you better be near a fillip. I went less than 5 miles and it went from 1/4 to empty on the gauge but as far as how much was in it, no clue as I didn't fill it full to see how...
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    Table Storage

    I store mine in the changing room area when not in use, I have the 22SFi
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    Trim Gauge functionality

    Hi Elarock, mine did the same thing, I checked all my connections and found they were all solid, try this, the next time it goes out, tap on the gauge, if it bounces right back into operation, bingo bad gauge. Bennington replaced mine and I popped in right into place and haven't had any...
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    Helm wiring

    Does anyone know of a wiring diagram for the helm wiring? I have been reviewing mine for other issues and noticed many, many unused plugs, I wonder what they are used for, especially for when I plan on adding things like underwater lights and other accessories. as you may guess im not one that...
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    Ok if it rains,,,

    Its not a faulty switch, I blew compresses air all around the outside of the switch to no avail, as I stated before I saw WATER DROPS on the back side of the entire panel! when I used compressed air and blew off the water the problem instantly went away. the problem is quite simple, when it...
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    for those who have the fishing models

    Has there been any development on this issue yet? I still am collecting water in my battery box and having to hand clean it out.
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    Ok if it rains,,,

    No, I got a good look while laying under the console. They did put some kind of putty seal on the steering box to it's mount but there's nothing I can see to seal the dash panel to the console, so when it gets water on it, the water flows right around into the back and inside the console.
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    for those who have the fishing models

    on the front wells, one of mine is a live-well and the other is for a second battery, I really haven't done anything with it yet besides buy a battery. today I was cleaning and opened the lid to find the thing had 3 inches of standing water in it, there's no drain like in the live-well and it...
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    Ok if it rains,,,

    oh it wasnt the radio, it was the switch itself behind the panel. the whole of the backside of the panel itself was soaked and dripping wet, and this from a small rain not a driving hard rain, just rain. Im going to see if I can figure out a way to either cut a rubber seal out to the shape of...
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    Ok if it rains,,,

    I thought the toon could take a little rain but I guess not. We had a rain shower tonight on the way home so I left the toon uncovered so it could dry out in the morning but I went out to check on things a few minutes ago and I found my radio on! I thought at first I must have left it on when I...
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    Sure is quiet around here

    Yep, been on the lake all weekend, now Monday back at work on lunch checking the forums. Hopefully next weekend will be as nice as this one was.
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    Registration lettering

    I had our letters and name printed at a local stereo shop where they do custom vinyl graphics. I cannot remember the font but it was in a book they have, the color I chose was a bright blue metallic, it was slightly lighter than the blue on the graphic but the metal flake in the vinyl matched...
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    Heres a non slip tip

    OK, Here's the setup, we had been out all weekend holiday in and out of the lake and we do not slip our pontoon we trailer so, I was just finished with getting the toon on the trailer, I stepped off my Hustler trailers' non slip steps onto the tongue of the trailer, and about fell in, it seems...
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    Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Corner:

    Something I haven't seen on here is everyone washing and cleaning their pontoon be mindful of the edges of aluminum that the pontoons attach to for sharpness. My wife found out the hard way when we were cleaning them Saturday, she found some black grease between the edge of the mount and pontoon...
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    Name that TOON

    Thank you, the Jeep is my wifes Jeep, I have an older short wheelbase Jeep, we tow the toon with the longer wheelbase Unlimited with no problems so its a nice package I think. LOL