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    Replacement toggle switch

    I need a replacement toggle switch for my 2006 Bennington 2275RL. I know I will likely have to go through a dealer but wondering if Bennington still has parts from that year. Anyone else had success with replacement parts on boats 10+ years old? Thanks.
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    Power-assist steering

    Mainly straight ahead cruising. Good point about getting comfort and ease for the driver. I may just bite the bullet and add it in. Certainly easier to add now during the build vs trying to add after boats been delivered. Thanks.
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    Power-assist steering

    We’re in the process of building our new boat and wanted some feedback on whether or not to add the power assist hydraulic steering. Current build is a 23LSB twin elliptical performance package with 150hp. We don’t do any tubing and the lake we boat on is not exceptionally choppy on most days...
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    Color Selection

    Is that the Ocean Blue?
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    Anti siphon valve replacement

    I have a 2006 Bennington 2275RL and since I’ve put it in the water this Spring, the Yamaha F115hp engine won’t get above 4,000 rpm’s without surging once I try and go to WOT. I have replaced the fuel/water separator already and there was no water present. It was suggested to me to replace the...
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    2006 2275RL w/ Yamaha F115

    Thank you for the suggestion.
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    2006 2275RL w/ Yamaha F115

    5,100-5,200 range
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    2006 2275RL w/ Yamaha F115

    Looking for suggestions on updating prop to get more speed. Currently has 3-blade 13.5x15 K prop. Getting maybe 20-21 at WOT w/ 2 adults aboard. Should I decrease the pitch and/or look to go with a 4-blade prop? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.