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    Curved Bimini Question

    I have the curved bimini with Swingback and have only folded it down maybe twice, both times in attempts to get under bridges. (failed - windscreen is the highest point) Tri-toons sit up high on top of the water. The mooring cover has nice velcro and laces that wrap the bimini supports, I've...
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    SAME! I just moved on White Lake, actually Highland Township, MI, see you out there soon! Look for my Blue/Silver Tri-R25 w/ F300
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    Door hinge lube?

    At the beginning of the season, I take the engine cover off, coat it all with Yamalube Silicone spray, same with battery and connections, then I spray all hinges and the Bimini top pivot points. Keeps everything from squeaking and/or getting corroded.
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    Anyone have trouble with the USB port on the dash

    This year I haven't been able to push in the usb cable all the way, (the one at the helm only, the others that just charge work fine) I can't see what is blocking it from sitting all the way in, I tried another cable, I always have the rubber seal on when not in use, so I guess I need to ask the...
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    Advice on 6YC information system

    I do have the Yamaha F300 DEC with 6YC display, I love being able to see instant fuel use. In my opinion the digital display helps with the future resale value, I predict most everything in 10 years will be digital. Analog gauges are fine, but will be going away like carburetors.
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    Swingback Owners (my first-ever post...)

    Our favorite item on our Bennington is the swingback feature. My mate and I have plenty of room to share as we sunbath, and we usually have four young adults sitting back there for our cruises. I did have warranty claim to adjust it, I was unable to switch the position, once they fixed it I...
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    Question on Tri-toon Trailer

    This is where I bought my trailer from: I had a perfect experience with them, delivered to where I had the Bennington Stored, my marina forked the boat onto the trailer, perfect fit. I have their model: PMI26THD/14DBR, tandom axle, 2-disk...
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    Tour of Bennington Pontoon Boat Headquarters

    I still recommend anyone that orders their Bennington should make the trip to headquarters to see it for themselves, and try to schedule the tour the week your boat is close to the end of production, very memorable experience, great people. One note I have is the video tour did not go to the...
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    I'm on Lake Chemung very near you, we are always looking for a hot air balloon to do a touch down, it's been a few years for me.  Great pics, thanks for sharing them.
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    Sharkhide and Hot Sauce

    I have no clue what effect if any hot sauce might have the the coating, but I do know what is recommended... I emailed:  asking for their recommendation, even though I have read their instructions on their website and read on this forum what other members experience has...
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    foam in tubes?

    Based on my factory tour last year, there is only air inside the toons.  They use a fitting on the top of each toon section for pressure testing and plug it with a pin hole for pressure equalization due to elevation differences.  To help drain the toon with water inside, I'd drill out the bad...
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    24 SXP Swing back is finally ours!

    Congratulations, she a beauty.  Welcome to the Swingback club, you'll love it.
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    Finally Delivery, and we love it

    Break that black beauty's 250 in and let us know your experience.  Like, take the day off work and get out there, now.  Post up some more pics too! Congratulations, I am sure you'll be able to look back at your experience as not that big of a deal, things happen.  The swingback is my family's...
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    My Dad and I took a fabrication class in Mooresville back in 1991.  One of the highlights was walking in and around the Morrison Farm, or the Day's of Thunder barn.  The owner was there, he pointed out a bunch of things, cool dude.  Unfortunately very near by was where Robbie Moroso was killed...