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    IO thru the transom exhaust?

    I would say so, most toon owners aren't the loud pipes type. I know in many cases you have selectable exhaust.
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    Performance issues

    Deleting the posts does not make the problem go away, only the posters. If BM can't handle the truth then that's pretty sad.
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    Trailer Length

    My bunks are as long as the tubes, without the nose cones. Front of bunk is at the cone weld, rear extends past 1".
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    Trailer Length

    My boat is 22', the 24 trailer had 19" of bunk extending off the stern. If it is a 24' i think you would want to go 24 trailer.
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    Trailer Length

    My dealer sent me out with a 24 cause that was what they had in stock, it was too long. Had them get a 22, much better.
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    What size seas do you dare go out in.

    3' in a 20 seems a bit much. Might be un- pleasant just sitting there
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    Bee careful when you open your seats.

    Not part of the resistance...
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    Bee careful when you open your seats.

    I cant resist... Trump? :D
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    This pontoon isn't a pontoon it's a sub

    You can clearly see the impact point on the trailing end of the keel strip. There is no doubt in my mind this was dropped. Hopefully they do you right. I would do a more thorough review of the whole boat too.
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    HOT lights

    I think they already are leds, mine are. Sorry, don't do much night boating to notice if they get hot.
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    Help steer me towards the right boat please

    Crazy I tell ya, our 2016 was $35k w/150 Suzuki motor, another 3 for a trailer. 22 SSRX, SPS, G buckets, flooring upgrade. Last year same boat at show was 4k more. Worse than the housing market around here.
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    This pontoon isn't a pontoon it's a sub

    Yeah I know, a little added pressure from above never hurts.
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    This pontoon isn't a pontoon it's a sub

    I would accept a repair for now unless they can replace it in a day. Then wait for the off season for a new toon. Contact Bennington as well.
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    New Benny

    Be at Seneca Aug. 10-13, maybe see ya there.
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    I just went to look today.....

    Very nice, something about a matched color set. Life is good.