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    Fueling with a portable container

    Pick up the siphon hose that Dub9 recommended and you'll be done messing with it.
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    Floating water pads

    Our kids ran around on the neighbors mat from Sam's this past weekend and it held up well. Of course, they think we need one now as well... I'm hooked on the one from Sam's since it's under $300 while other brands are more expensive. Are they thicker or better? Maybe, but if there's a problem...
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    Buying new electronics. Anyone install a Garmin on the S Series?

    I picked up the 551DV and mounted it in front of the tach on the garmin provided stand. It is easier to see in that spot than being flush mounted low and behind the steering wheel. It's got a decent amount of rotation so my 7-year old first mate can let me know when we're marking fish. Is it...
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    Bennington Fuel Funnel

    Get the super siphon and be done.
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    filling fuel tank

    Another vote for the super siphon. I just put the gas can on the sun deck, get the siphon working and wait for it to finish. Not a drop is lost.
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    Perhaps some good news on Ethanol

    Two words: super siphon. With one of those you don't have to mess with those screwy nozzles. Just prop your can up higher than the tank and let gravity do the work. Also, scaling back the push to ethanol is due.
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    Installing a privacy curtain on a 20SL

    All I can say is I'm very impressed with the service I've received so far and thanks for the install directions. I'll put them to good use.
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    Installing a privacy curtain on a 20SL

    Hi All, Any chance Bennington or one of you guys has installation instructions squirreled away for the privacy curtain on a 20SLX? I had the dealer mail the bracket and curtain to us since I figured it couldn't be too tough to get it installed on the underside of the sun deck... It shouldn't be...