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    Sea Legs for Pontoon Boat

    I have them on my 22 ft R, & wouldn't be without them, the weight is fairly balanced & we'll worth the money.
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    On board lift system

    I have a 22 bennington with a 90 hp yamaha, with sea legs. It's the only way to go. My old pontoon, I had on a lift, what a pain every year putting it in & out. You won't regret butting sea- legs on!
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    Where is a tranducer mounted?

    Mine is mounted on the port side, but was told by dealer to make sure it is not centered above keel, the keel produces a air pocket and will give ou a false reading. mine iis a inch to the left of keel.
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    Pontoon on lift in shallow water

    My neighbor had the same problem,crank the pontoon up high enough to get a large inner tube under each tube on the back,let it down on them, then get a couple of guys to help you lift the front & slide it back off the lift. This is why I went with Sea Legs.
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    New 2012 Part - Bennington Dealer cant find on parts list?

    I have the same ladder on my 2275 rl, unfortunately I'm at home this weekend, but there is a manufacture sticker on it, I'll be at the lake Thurs & will post the info. Also I know Misty Harbor uses same ladder.
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    what to use to clean off gas overflow

    Dawn dish soap
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    Sea Legs

    August 2011, the weight is not a issue.
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    Sea Legs

    My legs cost me 4500, and yes you can operate front & back separately or together .
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    Sea Legs

    I have them on my 2275 RLCi, they add 385Lbs,but it is pretty evenly distributed front to back. I'll never go back to a lift ! They are so versatile, you stop to swim, put them down just far enough to hold the boat - no anchor ! you visit someone on the lake you put them down & never have...
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    New to the forum, many question

    I bought a 2275 RLCI in august, with 90 HP Yamaha, and Sea Legs I love it & wish I would have bought it earlier in the year. Also, they make Sea Legs for tritoons, my dealer has the same pontoon I have with the ESP package with Sea Legs. You'll never regret the Sea Legs.