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    20' SLi

    Had the first service done on our 20' SLi and back in the water she goes! A few pics from yesterday. The water was 83 degrees here in Western Narf Kackalacky :D enjoy! We dropped anchor, did some grillin and some chillin.. for what its worth the MAGMA grill works fantastic! I would...
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    For now I have decided to leave my TOONS chemical free. I just don't see any easy method of keeping them bright and shiney. Since we trailer in and out each time we use it, they don't get the tea colored stains etc. Etching them with acid just does not appeal to me. Just and observation.
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    First Service 70hp Yamaha

    I am coming up on my first service of our TOON as we now have 20 hours on the engine. We have the 70 hp Yamaha 4 stroke and I was wondering what is a reasonable price to pay for the first serivce? I am thinking the dealer will change the oil and look things over? New to boat ownership here and...
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    Cooler Ottoman

    Its a nice looking table/cooler. I also saw it at the boat show and asked our parts guy what the cost was?? He rolled his eyes :rolleyes: and quoted $1000.00?? I said your kidding? right?...he said nope. Does this sound close? He also said to think about the added weight and the space it...
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    One week from today

    Finchlake- Keep us posted and we would love to see a few pics of your beauty!
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    Name that TOON

    Great Name choice ITOON~ Awesome job! :D
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    Pontoon Storage

    Thanks to everyone for their replies. I have a friend who has offered to let me keep it behind his home in his backyard at no cost so he thinks. :) I am still going to offer him a monthly fee. I just cannot take accept free, as he is a friend. He is a detective and his home is quite secure...
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    Pontoon Storage

    Just recieved a letter from our HOA and they are giving us notice that we cannot park our pontoon boat at our home. They were quite ugly about it to say the least. And to boot we live in a lake community. Many convenants are not enforced in this community and its interesting how they just...
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    Portable toilet on the TOON?

    Same idea here Hawk00. A great buy....I posted info about the Luggalbeloo and a pic or two on here somewhere. Congrats on the low cost LOO! Here is ours.
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    Name that TOON

    Rob- They are 5" high letters which I had a local sign shop make and install. It was worth the $20.00 to have them install my boat name and numbers nice and straight! You can order on line from as well. I opted for my local sign shop. Good luck!
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    Luggable LOO

    Hey Joyful, Your welcome! Have you guys had your TOON out yet? Anxious to see pics of that beauty! :D
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    Luggable LOO

    Bass Pro has it on their website. As mentioned in my post. :) Good Luck!
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    Luggable LOO

    I finally decided on a porta potty for our TOON. I absolutely did not want to spend much $$. Here is what I came up with and please laugh as you go..... I mean as you read. The Luggable LOO :D which is simply a 5 gal bucket and the Luggable LOO lid. We bought 5 gallon bucket $2.00. Add a 5...
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    what brand

    We chose the Yamaha power plant for our TOON. And we are very happy with it so far.
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    First store purchase

    RPM you are spot on....shipping is way out of line. On the other hand, my Bennington salesman did give my wife and I a ball cap each for purchasing a 20k pontoon. :)