1. S

    Propeller questions hopefully answered

    In a two minute video a Yamaha Pro tells it like it is about prop pitch. Hint, it’s not the speed but rpm at full throttle or the optimum rpm range with your motor. Simple and no nonsense approach. You will need your motor owners manual to determine max rpm range or go git in it and let her rip...
  2. R

    Planning To Order a New Bennington Before Thanksgiving - What Size Motor?

    Hello, New to the forum. Any help / input would be greatly appreciated. I am planning to place a order for a new Bennington before Thanksgiving and plan to take delivery Feb/March 2020 The boat I plan to order is a QX25 Swing Back with the Arch Top My questions are regarding motor options...
  3. Dahbull

    Performance issues

    Recevied a new 25' QSR with cladded arch last week. Have the yamaha F300 motor and the dealer (or yamaha) placed a black painted stainless steel prop on the boat. Took it out for its first trip and the prop sounded like it was ventilating. Fastest speed we could get was 37 MPH at 6000-6100...
  4. TejasNewbie

    Silicone Lubricant

    So I see that Yamaha recommends spraying down the entire engine with Yamalube (or similar silicone lubricant) to keep it from rusting. Says to spray "everywhere but the O2 sensors. Anyone ever done this, & anyone know where the O2 sensors are?
  5. A

    25 QSRFBA Power Options

    Hello! I am in the process of trading my 254 Chaparral for a 25 QSRFBA. It comes with the Triple Tube ESP and power hydraulic assist steering. The primary use is for 5 people on Lake Murray - occasional tubing and cruising. My question is, power and what size Yamaha engine. It is currently...
  6. Nielsen's

    Upgrade or not?

    So I have a 2075GL with a Yamaha F75 4 stroke.   I have the opertunity to purchase a Yamaha 115 Hp 4 stroke of the same year.   I would go larger but the boat nameplate states max. motor of 115 hp.  Will the extra 40 hp make a significant difference in speed and turning power?  My boys have been...
  7. B

    50 HP Yamaha Prop pitch issues Benny 20s

    I have a new 2016 Bennington 20s with the Yamaha 50 high thrust. At WOT I'm stuck at 4700 RPM and believe I should be at 5700-6000 RPM. Prop is 11 pitch.  HELP!
  8. brentah

    Yamaha 150 Auxiliary charging lead

    I have been doing extensive research in preparation to install a 2nd battery(house battery) and I see most people buy the add-a-battery kit from Blue Seas or use a combination of just a combiner or just a switch. I just found some information that Yamaha 150's and above after 2003 have an...
  9. H

    Yamaha 150 4 stroke or 150 SHO?

    I just purchased a new 2550 RCL. 32" elliptical toons, Should I go with the 150 4 stroke or 150 SHO ($2000 more) or?
  10. Yamaha 200 SHO

    Yamaha 200 SHO

  11. H

    Choosing the right Propeller

    Hey everyone, I am sure this topic has been beat to death, however I searched for my particular boat/engine and didn't find anything so I am hoping someone has some insight for me. I just purchased a used 2011 2550 RCL with a Yamaha f250. It has the ESP package, center fuel, and lifting...
  12. J

    2550rcl with Yamaha 350

    I had a chance to drive the 2550rcl with the Yamaha 350 4-stroke motor. This motor is amazingly quiet and he power is awesome. A full throttle start puts you back in the seat. The boat is on plane instantly and quickly gets to 50 mph. This setup is awesome. You need to get your hands on one of...