Horn not working!


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i have a 2007 2275fsi that i recently purchased and the horn has never worked. I am assuming it is the most left rocker switch that returns to central position after pressing it. none of the switches are labeled which is another problem but anyways my question in where is the actual horn located on the boat, thanks,
Do you have a picture of your dash that might help generate ideas?

An ‘07 is a bit older now, so with so many helm layouts even on new models, it can vary a lot. Ideally someone around here has or had a 2007 2275 fsi with your exact switch layout to provide guidance.
Yep it could be anywhere. On my newer 2020 model it's located under the deck forward of the helm, starboard and screwed into a metal cross member.

I would first look at the outside of the helm for an oval cover, then look inside to see if it's mounted there. If no luck then check underneath and hopefully you don't have wave shielding like I do which requires drilling out stainless steel pop rivets.

My 2013 ,the horn was on the starboard side of the helm . Others were under the deck .
I had to replace the horn on our 2011 after about 8 years of use. You can get them off amazon or any boat shop, and the direct replacement horns are probably $15 or less. It's most likely a bad horn not a bad switch or wiring - and the swap will take you 10 minutes or less. Good luck!
ok thanks for replying i will check underneath when i get it out of water, dont see anything inside or outside of helm, yes i was wondering if it was the horn rather than wiring and switches, will get a volt meter on it to confirm, thanks, will post a pic later today on switch bank to see if anyone has labeling for it, thanks