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Bucket List! :)  


Gettin' narrow! 

Haha! Nah, I kept it safe, down around 30! :)

It's pretty scary going into those things. I'm not as worried about jet skis (although maybe I should be) as I am about not having a place to turn around and then having to back out. That canyon had some pretty cool tight spots but there was usually a wide enough area to turn around between each one. This is where we made it to before turning around:'25.9%22N+111%C2%B017'15.4%22W/@36.990543,-111.287618,1048m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
Pics look cool,  bcpnick. 

Hey Andy, Maybe we can we can get a bunch of bennys together out there and and cruise through the canyons like the jet skis, would be fun. :D


It does look really nice there ,would like to boat there someday.. Like tyjy said, add to the bucket list.
That last one you were doing about 40mph as well right??? You're that good! Also, what happens when a jet ski is coming from the other end at a rapid rate of speed?

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and thought, what a a** for the very reason you mention. Could you imagine coming around a bend head on into him. What if another jet ski guy had the bright idea of doing this coming the other way?? I'm hoping the guy had the sense to "run" the gauntlet first to ensure it was empty. Other than that, it was cool!!
Judging by the glass, he did not run it first. Those waves bounce around a long time in there. That alone might be a good indicator no one else is ahead though.
That video is cool as heck but crazy, that is just not my style speeding through tight spaces like that. The canyons are so beautiful, someday I am going to have to get out there
Some pics from what might be my last trip of the season over this past weekend. 

Where we camped one of the four nights:


Where we played one day:


And where we hiked another:

It looks like you boat on Mars. The photos are out of this world!
Well said lakeliving :D ,  I can't believe how beautiful it is there.  I love the Adirondacks and have seen a lot of beautiful places but you are correct those photos are not like anything around here
I sure do like boating on Mars. I'm pretty jealous of you guys who live right on the water though. None of that here in Utah.

It's starting to look like I might get one more trip in this year, mostly because I feel obligated to do something fun before I go under the knife for a total knee replacement in November. 

Here's a few more from my last trip. I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of the actual boat this time, but I got plenty of pictures from the boat. Links to the full album and trip report are also below. 

No clouds at all on this trip, but we still had some nice golden light at sunset. 


This was the first trip to Powell for my climber friend. He took advantage of the tall walls and wet landing to do some free climbing. I'm pretty sure I was more scared watching him than he was doing it. 


Happy hour


Me and my youngest pup hiking/swimming through a very deep and cold slot canyon pool. 


We ran into a group of wild bighorn sheep in one canyon. We watched from the boat as this ram walked over and kicked a younger ram out of a group of 6 females. He then proceeded to check them out and try to mount them once or twice. A really amazing experience. 


The big ram checking out the 'ladies'. 


For anyone interested in seeing more, the trip report and full set of photos can be found at the links below. 

Trip report:

Full photo album:
I figured I'd post this one I took a while back. Cold weekend left me going back through my phone looking for warmer days of boating.

That's a cool pix lakeliving
Is winter over yet? I had a knee replacement surgery a few weeks back, and I have been dreaming about getting back out on the boat ever since. I'm not sure if looking at the photos from this year helps or hurts...

Helps us; so keep posting
I agree. lets keep them coming everyone. Anyone have a drone? i've been checking out that footage lately on youtube and they can provide some really cool shots. If only the wife didn't monitor the bank account so closely...
Oh it helps. Considering coming out there just to ride along with you!