1. B

    Leaking pontoons.

    I have a 2008 2275GL tritoon in pretty good condition for a 10 year old boat. I have had a series of leaks in my pontoons repaired by different repair shops with varying degrees of satisfaction. The last repair was done by a neighbor who owns a fabrication shop. He didn't charge me but told me...
  2. theSchwartz75

    Tilt/Trim Reservoir Leaking

    I've discovered a leak in my 2008 2725 RCW with the Penta DuoProp Outdrive. I've searched the web and can't seem to find anyone else with this exact issue. There's a small plastic(?) disc on the side of the reservoir that the oil seems to be seeping around. Has anyone had this issue and/or can...
  3. P

    Screw hole repair

    I have discovered in the compartment under my console a screw hole (in the deck near the compartment door) that is allowing water to come thru when traveling at higher speeds. It's a brand new 22' SX. Any suggestions on how to fix this myself or will my dealer need to fix it?  Thanks!
  4. B

    Pontoon Leak

    I have heard bubbles after launching from day one and recently noticed the same sound after driving fast. I  peaked under the boat after pulling into slip and saw bubbles! I then took a short video attached. looks like it is on the seam behind the lifting strake. if it was a strak weld... easy...
  5. cathole

    HELP! 2004 2575 RFS Takes on water in Engine Compartment!?!?!? HELP!

    I've got a 2575 RFS 6.2L 320HP i/o Mercruiser with Bravo III drive Tri-Toon and everytime I pull a tuber or make sharp turns, the engine compartment fills with water.  I have had a qualified mechanic check every possible thing he could think of with no obvious problems found.  He checked the...
  6. cathole

    water entering bilge after sharp turns

    I'm new to boating. I trailer my 2004 2575 RFS after every time. Its powered by a Mercruizer 6.2l bravo III The previous owner kept it in a slip. I have no reason to assume the bilge takes on water when the boat is still or merely cruising. However, when the tri-toons are cutting hard into...