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    Labor Day Weekend Plans

    We recently retired and relocated from California to Texas to achieve our dream of living on a lake. We missed the Fourth of July activities so this will be the first holiday weekend here on Cedar Creek Lake. My husband, Karl, is quite social so we've gotten to know a few of our neighbours...
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    We have the big table that can store the cooler under it. Not a fan, it's nice to have a table but it is too big, the table is built around the cooler ( meaning you cannot pick up the table to move it, the cooler will fall through). We cannot drag it for fear of the bottom staples tearing our...
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    installing lift

    Wouldn't sitting on the toons be easier to get the boat back in the dock under not so perfect conditions? Our lift just has two canvas slings and seems to work fine. We have a tri-hull.
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    So does anyone have an idea of the cost?
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    Anchor storage

    We also have the box anchor and store it under the seat but don't like to put it away every time we pull it in so we leave it on the deck. It would be nice to find a box big enough to store it opened but small enough to take up minimum room.
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    Boat Mirrors

    Thanks for the picture Kris, I think we originally tried there but the bimini some got in the way. It's been changed a bit since then so I think we need to try again. It looks good on yours.
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    Boat Mirrors

    Can you guys post pictures of where you installed the edge mirror? We bought one last year (of course we did, had to keep up with the forum) but we can't seem to find the best place to attach it. Ours seems limited on trying to get the angle right for a good view. Thanks
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    Unusual Pontoon

    New challenge for you.
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    Anyone put on a camper top?

    If you look on posts that I have made you can see some of the issues we went through getting ours. We have not needed it yet but it does seem pretty awesome. There are a couple others who replied who had information you might find useful. There are pictures too. Leslie
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    Why are used prices so high?

    Kaydano, I agree, not exactly sure why yet but i do. We did a bit of shopping but where not looking for a used boat. Had our minds made up when we went to the Los Angeles boat show. Waited months for the show then compared the boat we were totally going to purchase with the Bennington and...
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    2575 QCW Blackout Edition Overland

    Ok, all that drama, sounds like a awesome boat but what did you save over just ordering one locally? I will be looking for you next month when we take a trip to Havasu. :)
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    Summer at Powell

    Its nice to see the other side of boating, so peaceful. Great pictures!
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    Tell Your Story

    Granted, time is better but if we didn't all give up some time to work, we wouldn't get time to lounge on our toys later. I have no desire to work forever so hustle while you can, invest wisely, hope your family hangs in there with you and thank God the market turned around.
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    We haven't been able to take ours out too many times but here are a couple things we are still working around; we think the table with the cooler underneath is too big. Until we have a place to dock, the bow seat just gets in the way too. We usually beach and get out the front so the bow seat...
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    Baby saves own life

    Just saw this awesome video that everyone with kids or grandkids should see. Baby Swimming Survival Video - YouTube Every kid should be taught to swim but this is different.