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    Owner's Manuals

    The latest 2021 Owner's Manual can be downloaded here: 2021 Bennington Pontoon Owner's Manual
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    Parts availability - thanks Bennington

    I want to buy my next boat from your dealer.
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    Well, the time has come to say goodbye...

    Congrats, Andy! That'll be quite the change! Towing that distance is roughly equivalent to two round trips to Lake Powell for me. I left the boat down there a lot, but I still probably put 10k miles or more towing back and forth over the last few years for weekend trips. Anyway, I was lucky...
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    Mostly search engines. Google, yahoo, bing, etc.
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    Logging in.....

    @BigKahuna - This is most likely the issue. Take it out of Private Browsing mode and it should keep you signed in if you check the box.
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    Logging in.....

    There's a good chance you are in private browsing mode on your iPad. That keeps the cookie from keeping you logged in.
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    Pulling Pontoon on Shore

    How do they pull them back into the water come spring?
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    Help with photos

    Anything taken with an iPad or iPhone should have no problems uploading without any resizing necessary. I'm looking into a workaround on the server file size cap, which it turns out is actually 20 megapixels (I mentioned 16 elsewhere by mistake).
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    Missing my boat. Some pics from this past summer.
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    Help with photos

    Looks like the ability to delete your own photos was disabled. It is enabled now and a delete button is available on each photo.
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    Adjustable Height Pedestal Helm Seat

    I had an elevated helm on our second Benny and I could swear that the seat wasn't actually any higher off the main floor than the non-elevated helm was. I'm probably wrong, but the point is that I would have loved to raise the seat on both of them.
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    Storing ice chests

    I put D rings on my aft deck and strapped a big 120 qt cooler back there.
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    Custom cover for my boat

    I did quite a bit of work with the local canvas shop as well (enclosure and cover modifications). When I buy my next boat, I plan to order it without the factory cover so I can get it customized to my needs right from the start.
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    New software..... bear with us.

    On what kind of device? (iPad, Mac, Windows, etc.) The previous poster had their browser in private mode and putting it in regular browsing mode fixed it. Check and make sure that's not the case for you.
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    Parting is such sweet sorrow

    Oh man! I traded in my PADS card for a SADS card?! Now I HAVE to buy another boat!