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    Straight talk about props!

    If you new to boating than you might not know the lake that you will be boating on vary well. I would suggest staying with an aluminum prop because they are more forgiving if you hit something. Aluminum props are pritty cheap compared to replacing the lower unit.
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    Motor trailering position

    I trailer mine in the down position as well and have no problems. I also have about 16 inches of clearance.
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    Dont forget its not just the products used on the boats its also the engineering behind them that has a large impact on the quality
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    Diesel soot on vinyl furniture.

    Ive had good luck with that "Totally Awesome" you know the ad seen on TV stuff and Mr Clean magic erasers used together. Ive never tried it on diesel soot though.
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    Polish or Wax

    I use Honda Polish on the sides of the boat the helm and on the engine. Stuff works great and comes in a arosol can.
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    Which Prop?

    I see there are many brand of AL props. Are any better than others? are there any to stay away form? I plan on sticking with AL props to the lake being Shallow.
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    Which Prop?

    I have a 2010 SLi 24 2 25" tubes with a 115 hp Yamaha. Currently the prop is a 13.5x15p. The WOT RPM is 5200-5300 which seems low. Is there a prop that would work better? Yamaha performance bulliton used a 14x13p prop but the boat was a tri toon. Any suggestions?
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    Fuel fill time

    I use these there expensive now back when we used to ride dirtbikes and fourwheelers they were cheep. with the hose on it makes it so easy to fill.
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    Cover Help - 24 SLi

    My 2010 24SLi has 4 poles and the cover also has 4 vents. Sounds like your missing a vent. My poles are 4 different lenths. I just remember which ones go where. Like Looneymoose said: Not to tight, just snug enough. If it is to loose water will pool in the back corner where the seat curves.
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    Proper Trailer

    I have a Hoosier tandem axle float on trailer it is well built and tows very well.
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    Battery Charging & Maintenance

    I always take the battery out of the boat for the winter, put it in the basement with a battery tender on ot so the battery is always fully charged. a battery that is left uncharged will sulfate the lead plates in side and reduce the batterys charge capacity. I would suggest putting it on a...
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    Ideas on where to place boat lettering on toon

    You may want to check your state laws as this is not a legal location in all states. Michigan DNR states they have to be as high above the water line as practical. So my numbers are on the side panel just below the rail. I had custom vinyl letters made to match the java metallic graphics.
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