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    Why is there no pics of stereos on here? Aftermarket or stock?

    I'll have to post pics later but I have about a 1x2x3 foot ported box with (1) 12 inch sub that fits perfectly right behind the captain's chair in between the rear lounger (it's a 2011 gcw) it's got a 1350 watt amp for the sub. Also have a 900 watt amp for the 6 kicker speakers and an extra...
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    Cut In Vinyl Seat

    talk to a boat dealer in your area. they will know of a good vinyl repair guy that they work with. i had a raccoon get in my boat (the cover was even on) and put several holes in my seats. long story short my dealer referred me to a guy that came out to my boat slip and repaired the holes on...
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    What drowning really looks like.

    not to sound redundant but thanks for the post...this is great info!
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    Our New "Q"

    quite simply a work of the Q series! having it on a slip in your backyard is nice too!
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    Vinyl Repair

    looks like they did a perfect job! i had a raccoon get under the cover and in my boat this winter. put a few holes and scratches in several of the seats. luckily there's a guy that comes out to my marina that does the repairs on site. cost about 350 but i'm the only one that knows where the...
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    Follow Us

    and....done! How did I not know this sooner?
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    LED Speaker Ring Question

    i have all 6 of my speakers and 5 of my cupholders lit up and it's pretty bright. perfect for nighttime in my opinion!
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    The most important question on this site.

    Dang made me think about this : ) good question!! 6 (3 moveable cup holders) 6 (3 in each table provided they are out) 8 (cupholders) so...20 with one more in hand (2 if i'm not driving) and one in my lap??? (do those count??) haha
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    Anyone have an iPhone?

    I have a HTC Evo for work and an Iphone 4 for personal use. They are both great phones but hands down (for me anyways) the iphone is the better of the 2 operating systems. (apple vs. android) The only thing i grab my HTC for over the iphone is to do a quick google search. I also have the ipad 2...
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    Polished Pontoons

    wow this Gord's stuff seems amazing
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    Happy Holidays !

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year ahead!
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    Anyone Still Boating?

    I'm slipped in Lake Lewisville and still get out on the boat. Usually stay in the slip though. Been trying to get out there this week to cruise around while it's "warm" LOL
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    Dallas International Boat Show

    count me in! maybe we can get a little local group together
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    Just ordered

    having a 2nd battery is alot cheaper than paying for the towboat guys to come get you. also could you imagine getting family and friends together to go out on boat and boom dead battery. having a 2nd battery and being able to flip a switch is worth every penny! just my 2 cents : ) which is also...
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    What did you name your boat?

    My 4 year old daughter kind of named ours "Yeah Buddy" and it stuck plus it's cute to hear her say it...LOL