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    Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    Daril, that turned out great.  Doesn't look like the same boat.  BTW...what was the outcome of the little problem you had with the engine stalling.  Not sure I remember you telling me or not?
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    Greetings from East TN and Tellico Lake

    @TheLauraK, Whats your boating season down there.  Boat in water / boat out of water?
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    She's heeeerrreeee. 2017 2250 GPD

    Last info I have on the redesigned G helm is 2018 boats.
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    What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Wash down tank is fresh water.  The redesigned G helm will be out for the '18 boats.  Is it possible to wait until Aug. to do the deal?  At that point you should be able to get all the redesigned goody's that are due out.
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    Potential new boat questions

    +1 on the Shark Hide
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    Potential new boat questions

    I'm a stereo guy.  Have them upgrade if you want to spend the $$$.  I think the blackout looks good on some boats but not so good on others.  It's also hard to keep clean.  Good luck with the purchase.
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    Do either the KCM10 or KCM20.  KCM20 has the sat radio receiver.  I know for sure the KCM10 will not support old apple technology.  I tried hooking up my OLD iPod, gen 2 maybe, and it would not operate.  Works fine with my iPhone, iPad and a thumb drive.
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    I have 2 fuel options for winter storage. Thoughts?

    We have E free gas on the lake and that's what I use.  I use fuel stabilizer over the winter months.  This boat is new but I store other toys over the winter and have never had any issues with the gas that does contain Ethanol.  I top off tanks and add appropriate amount.  They fire right up the...
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    New to boating and this forum

    Welcome to the world of Benny's!  Enjoy!!
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    Electrical Connectors

    I hate to ask the obvious but...Did you ask someone from Lodder?
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    Ready to order a24sfx

    Your boat will come with one bracket on the port side unless you have underwater lights added.  I had my dealer add the second bracket the week before the build.  It was very cheap and not an issue.  By all means request one if you like.  It should not be an issue.
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    Who's been towed?!?

    Now that's funny right there!  I don't care who you are...that's funny. I suspect Mrs. Daril...aka Dianne will have her way if they can't get it figured out soon.
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    Do you have a trailer for your Bennington ?

    Yes we have a trailer.  Had intentions of hauling it around to different lakes/regions.  Just returned from lake Norman.  Hope to make another trip before the weather breaks.
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    Water collects in front storage

    I too get water in the port side bow storage compartment.  Doesn't seem to collect while in use either.  When I uncover the boat however, there is usually about two cups of water in the bin.  I haven't had the chance to check to see where it's coming from but plan on investigating.  If I can't...
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    Drought = low lake level

    We should be alright once we figure out where we are going, lol.  Thank you Carl.