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    Lift pontoon off trailer to lower onto dollies

    Disconnect the front winch and rear straps. Back up real fast. Slam on brakes just before the trailer enters garage. May take 2-3 attempts. Sorry, that's all I got.
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    I should have bought a bigger engine.

    That's us as well. We probably stay in the 10-12mph range the most. Of course most of our outings are evening/night cruises and the slow going makes it easier to hear music and conversation.
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    Vacuum Recommendation for new 2019 Pontoon

    Open the front and rear gates, throttle up. :D
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    Some other research worth considering,....tralier the pontoon,or rent a slip at the dealer!

    I can second the "if it's in the water you will use it a lot more" statement. Especially when you been out on the water all day, you're hot, tired, hungry, etc. It's so nice to just dock the boat, cover it, and then get in the car and leave.
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    Deal or no deal

    What do you plan to do with the boat? I previously had a 22SSRX with a Merc 115 and SPS, and it was plenty of power for us. However, we mostly just slow cruised around the lake. I had no problems taking 6-8 people out but again, we just went for leisurely cruises. The few times I did pull a...
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    2019 27QX twin 300's

    You could save a little money by eliminating things you don't need. I know we would never use the porta potti. $119 savings right there.
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    Winterizing Package ---- WOW

    Wow. I never realized how bad you folks up north have it. For me, winterizing means putting on a sweater...maybe a jacket in extreme conditions, before I go boating.:D
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    2019 Models

    Been doing this for years. Ya'll need to get with the times.:p
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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    Don't forget to change the air in your pontoons to a winter mix.
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    2018 Bennington build on its way!

    Wow...sending you pics but then making you wait until Friday. That's just cruel!
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    Slightly off topic...but how is everyone storing their anchor line? I have a homemade box anchor (mine doesn't collapse like the store bought ones) and I just wrap my line around it for storing, but it somehow always seems to get tangled.
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    Transducer Success!

    I had same problem on my previous Bennington. Garmon Echo 101 stopped working around 10-12mph. I lowered transducer and problem solved. In the pic below the two holes are where it was mounted prior to me lowering it. No comments about the dirty toons:)...this pic was taken the day I sold the...
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    Lower transducer.
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    Bimini Lights

    TexAgg56, it depends and how you define "useful light". I rarely use them but if I need to light up the console area to find something at night they are useful for that and not much else. I didn't order them, they were already installed on the boat I purchased off dealer showroom floor. In my...
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    Legality of bright lights from dock or shore??

    We have a quite a few dock owners that install their lights pointing outwards into the lake. It can be very distracting and also makes it difficult to navigate at times. I'm not sure why some feel the need to point them outwards instead of downward to light the area right around their docks.