De winterizing 24 sxsb w/ 25 efi Yamaha outboard


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Frederick, Maryland
Just got our Pennington 24 sxsbst w/ 25hp Yamaha efi Last Aug Dealer did the 20 hour serv and winterize in late Sept. Not sure what they did to winterize, but contacted them and they said to bring it to them to prep for use. They did change the filter seperator, changed oil and oil filter, did the electronic scan of engine computer system. then said ready to store. looks like basically to water prep is to fill fuel tank, connect fuel line to eng, pump bulb to get fuel thru engine. put on water muff ( battery has been on battery tender / maintainer thru winter) So with turning on water to go thru muff and engine and connecting fuel and "priming" turning on battery switch I should be able to hit the key and start and run eng. Am I missing something? have not had an efi outboard motor before. Thank you


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You should be able to skip it. Connect battery, top off gas tank, connect lines if necessary, check fluid levels, launch - and then keep an eye on your gauges for a bit as you warm up. Enjoy.