Trailer Repair (Replacing Fenders)


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Hoping someone here can provide some guidance... I recently purchased a 2012 2575 QCW. It came with a trailer, but the trailer is missing its fenders. The trailer manufacturer is out-of-business, and I am not too keen on driving 400miles without fenders (concerned about debris striking the bottom of the boat).

The trailer was made by 'Soucy Laliberte Inc.' in Quebec, Canada. The model showing on the VIN tag is SL-PT3300-2024. It's a tandem-axle trailer (fits the boat perfectly), and it looks like the original fenders were bolted-on at one point (the seller doesn't have the fenders).

Any help towards a solution would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a picture of what I am working with:

Not to spend your money…but if those tires are 11 years old, you should consider replacing them before your 400 mile journey. Or at the least, bring a spare and tools.
I was thinking the same thing! Tires have a manufacture date on them.
Worst case, a 10-foot 2' x 12' should do the trick for your trip. Cut in half and wire 'em onto the supports, and add blocks for clearance if needed. Then you can have a welding shop fab proper fenders when the boat is off the trailer at home.

Seconding new tires or at least a spare.

Good luck!
Amazon and/or Google are your friend - Amazon shows a dozen different sets of fenders. You might have to order a couple and then return the ones that don't fit - just note the return policy for each order.