1. RReaume

    Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor

    has anyone mounted a Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor on their pontoon? How’s it handle in rough water? Does it hold?
  2. B

    Anchor Holder

    Saw this on a toon at the dock at Barnical Phil’s on North Captiva. Anyone here seen or used one of these?
  3. tracyhsmith

    Adding Electric Anchor

    I have a 21 SSX APG Fish and Cruise Pontoon.  We lost two anchors last season.  A friend suggested to get a MinnKota DH-40 Pontoon Anchor Winch. Has anyone tried this?  Did you mount just one? On the front or back? We did get tired of swinging around all of the time when we threw our anchor off...
  4. JaccFrost

    Box anchor

    I have seen a lot of talk of the box anchor. I an eye-balling the small box anchor and a Rocna scoop anchor Box anchor is ~19lbs v. Rocna at 9 lbs I know weight isn't everything and my fluke anchor works great until I get in...
  5. O

    Pole Anchor

    New to the forum - I have an approximate build date for my Bennington coming up next month and not having the boat and trying to order supplies is proving difficult. The boat we are having built is a 21 SLX (rounded front seats) with SPS. For those that use fiberglass pole anchors - will a 8...
  6. anchor release rig

    anchor release rig

  7. B

    Where to tie anchor on 22ssx

    I just bought a 2013 22ssx.    It did not come with an electric anchor set up so I was just going to do it by hand.  My question is, where do I tie it off?   There are no cleats on the bow and the playpen goes all the way to the end of the deck.   Would those u bolts hold?   I do have cleats on...
  8. 1

    Sand anchor

    What's a good beach anchor? We have purchased the small box anchor but are planning a trip to the river. Our friends all drag their boats up on the sand but our boat is new and we don't want to ruin the sharkhide. We plan on using both.
  9. LakeRat1

    Anchor - Opinions

    I have purchased the 2575 RCW - Now it is time for an anchor ---- I have found forums to be the best place to get opinions, so here comes my questions: Keep in mind I do my boating and anchoring at Lake of the Ozarks What type of anchor - Size / Model would you recommend What about electric...