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    Solas Rubex L3 props have a 2 stroke 150 with a 2:1 gear ratio, which just happens to be the same as the 4 stroke F150.  The F150's run well with a 15 pitch.  I have a bit of experience with the Solas L3's.  The Solas props tend to measure 1-2 degrees in pitch higher than stamped, therefore, I would...
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    boat lift bunks

    I'm not sure that any lift manufacturer offers more than 12' bunks in a std. size lift. I would think that the issue with longer bunks would come in the form of lack of support beyond the end cross members of the lift.  That being said, I just looked up Floe boat lifts. Floe has a little...
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    boat lift bunks

    My brother has a Craftlander lift with that same set up. Great lift.  The aluminum bunks w/viny covers work perfectly.   No warping or carpet issues to worry about ever again. If full length tube support is necessary....... than every boat lift manufacturer is wrong :rolleyes: .
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    Simon Motor Sports and my Verado

    Save your money on the flywheel upgrade.  There is NO hp gain.  I've ran many variations of flywheels on my race outboards over the years.  On a pontoon, the weight would negate any gain whatsoever.  In fact, it may quite possibly be slower on top end.  IMO, any positives of a flywheel upgrade...
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    Grand Rapids Boat Show

    There is a strong market trend toward the bold colors.  Obviously the consumer demand is there.  Just reading through this thread suggests that some of you would have chosen a brighter color had it been offered, but instead had to settle for something more........luxurious ;-) .   I don't buy...
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    Grand Rapids Boat Show

    Yes Jack, it's just marketing strategy.  They all do it.  Cobalt has stepped into the pontoon market.  They've redesigned pontoons as we know them LOL!   The Cobalt was the only pontoon at the show that didn't allow people on their boats with shoes. If I can't get on it, I certainly can't afford...
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    Grand Rapids Boat Show

    I honestly wouldn't say that Bennington is any more "Luxury" than a few others out there........Premier comes to mind.   I think it's moreover a case of Bennington tooting their own advertising horn.  The market is changing.  There are more customers demanding higher performance, newer designs...
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    Grand Rapids Boat Show

    I always liked the red, but my wife.......not so much LOL.  Happy wife........... :) .  We're just hoping for a few bright colors again.  Bring back the yellow........even if the bright colors are part of a bold graphics package that is designed to correspond with the metallic white panels.  A...
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    Grand Rapids Boat Show

        My wife and I went to the boat show yesterday.  We basically go there to see what each pontoon manufacturer is offering for the year.  Once again this year..............a sea of beige and brown interior colors, with an occasional grey thrown in. Exterior colors weren't much better.  Within...
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    Whitehall, MI

    We boat at Hardy Dam most of the time.  You should pull that toon on over here this summer.  It's 17 miles of waterway from the dam to US-131 with plenty of areas to stop and enjoy.  Give me a shout if you do.  I can show you the way LOL. :) .  Or head up to Crystal Lake (Benzie Co.) or Torch...
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    Dealer response to new prop and question on tether switch

    That's WAY too high!!  ;)  
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    How to remove mildew from an entire cover

    I lay our cover out on the cement driveway, wet it down and spray it with Awesome or Purple Power.  Let it set for a few minutes and then brush the heck out of it with a push broom. Hose it off and good as new.  Our cover has developed a few of those mildew spots over the years also.  I've tried...
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    Spring has Arrived in Northern Michigan ( According to the Calendar )

    I may launch the toon tomorrow also.  These first warm days of the season sure set the mood for the rest of the summer :) .
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    "Marine Grade" Southern Yellow Pine For Boat Lift Beds?

    Just an FYI, Hewitt offers full length aluminum / rubber bunks. My brother has a Hewitt for his tritoon. The aluminum bunks are great.
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    How Fast Is A 2015 2275 GCW With A Yamaha F150 & SPS?

    Exactly. I run my best cruising and tubing prop 95% of the time, since we're always pulling a tube. It's not my fastest prop, but it'll still run into the lower 40's. My prop guy worked the kinks out pretty good.......she's smoooooth as silk and accelerates hard ;-)