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    polishing pontoons

    The site deleted the blogs quite awhile back.
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    Keeping the Toons Looking Great

    BigBlock, you sound alot like me about polished toons. Go to my gallery and check mine out. Starting fourth year on the polish job and they still look good. Steve
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    Graphics Removal

    no one will take the time or care that you will with your new boat. If you are confidant in your ability to do it I would not let someone else touch it.
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    Water pump

    Be sure and do not buy a Harbor Freight marine pump. I have bought three and they last about 15 minutes and then stop pumping. Will spend three times the money and get a better pump. Steve
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    Heated Seats?

    If you are careful to take care of the leather you could use 2004 and up Cadillac seats that are heated AND cooled. The cooled part would be nice in the summer.
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    Replacing non-working Faria Depth Device - 2008/2275GL

    the fishing "sticks" that Harber sells work better than a fish tape. They screw together for the proper length and are easily "directed" where you want it to go. Forty years of electrical experience. Steve
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    Goofy question

    For those who drill holes in the wide top rail on a Q model.....there is a divider made into the center of the rail on the wide top rail. If you drill a Q top rail, it must be off-center just a little. When we used the sex nuts on Zodapop's boat we found that out. Steve
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    Some interesting info for you f150 yamaha folks.

    Thanks for the info! Steve
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    First Toon (used) - pick up this afternoon

    Welcome to the world of used tooners! Mine is an 05 2550 RL. Steve
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    Screws holding center toon access hatch

    Another way is to take a cut-off wheel, if you can easily access the points, and cut them flush with the floor.
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    Bennington designations

    It would be nice to have a list on here of barge design designations. Like "Qxi" "RL" "RLI" etc. I think CW stands for center walkway but what is the difference in a 2550 and a 2575? Steve
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    Center Pontoon Storage

    Zodapop and I discussed this Saturday on his boat. I told him to try a bucket of the RV dessicant that I put under the cover during winter storage. Hope this gets figured out because my next one will have the storage. Steve
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    Screws holding center toon access hatch

    Rockie, I don't have the center storage but Zodapop's screws are flush head type. Steve
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    Goofy question

    Ecoman, search for "Zodapop", we came up with a nice way to add fender eyes on a Q. There are a few pics on here somewhere. Steve
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    How about a classifieds section for the members??

    I was one of the first to bring this up but after looking at it from Bennington's angle(and their dealers) I understand their stance on this. If it's going to happen it needs to be off-site. Steve