Very nice Susan
Still waiting for the dock guys to get my lift in the water so I can officially start the season - here's some faves from last season. Note the tracklines after an afternoon of tubing lol: Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 1.42.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-05-12 at 1.45.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-05-12 at 1.47.15 PM.png
The "Aunt Esther" on Higgins Lake last summer. Our first season with a Bennington!
Cool. Practically next door to us on Houghton Lake.
I go right past Houghton on my way to the "Higgs." :)

My wife and daughter are both Spartans, are you are officially piloting a "Spartoon?"
I go right past Houghton on my way to the "Higgs." :)

My wife and daughter are both Spartans, are you are officially piloting a "Spartoon?"
Umm…yes. Yes I am piloting a Spartoon. Love that name! Might need to borrow it as a boat name now…is that copy righted? Is it useable? LOL
Love it! My wife, me, and our oldest son are all Spartan alum - grad and undergrad. Our oldest son has been a math instructor at MSU for a few years now - super cool!
Is it okay if I just start a thread for posting random photos from little day trips? Sometimes I just have a few shots I'd like to share but don't want to post a whole thread for it. Maybe some of you feel the same? Feel free to post your own photos here from your adventures on the water if you'd like!

The forecast today in Utah was not ideal for boating. We've been getting pounded by the summer monsoons. Lots of big thunderstorms that have been causing flash floods and even landslides the last few days. But today was the start of the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Expo in Salt Lake and I have media credentials to attend. The only other way to get in is to pay big bucks and be either a gear manufacturer or a retailer. This is the first year I've gotten media cred so I'm really stoked about it. They kick it off by doing an 'Open Air Demo' at a nearby reservoir so I decided to take some friends up and do a little 'work'. Just as we showed up at the ramp, it started pouring on us, but then it cleared up and we had the lake basically to ourselves all day long. Glassy water and beautiful scenery with low storm clouds brushing through the surrounding peaks. All of the OR folks congregate on one beach and play on kayaks, paddle boards, etc. so as far as motorized traffic, we were really almost alone. Perfect!

The pics:











We spent the last hour of the day doing the 'work' at the Open Air Demo



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