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    How does one go about selling a 2013 Bennie

    I need to sell my 20 SLX with all the options due to health problems, it has 13 hours on it.
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    Question on securing boat to dock

    OK I am do you tie your boats to the dock, best way to make the knot not slip loose.
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    I am in for the Smart Phone App Ron
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    not happy

    My Dealer is outstanding and a great asset to Bennington Todd Taylor Marine Belleville Illinois Could not ask for better Ron Weidenhaft
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    Siphoning Fuel

    Question on the SS does it have to be above the gas port to work ? I have to bring fuel to my Bennie, thinking this may be an option. Ron
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    Owner's Stickers for Autos, etc.

    I would love a smaller Bennington sticker to add next to my sliding rear truck window Please ! Ron
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    My dock has only the right side to the dock no front nothing to the left. I am still not clear on how to tie her up safely Ron
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    Floating dock uncovered, ties up to the right side of the boat....So tie her loosely to the dock so the bumpers dont ride up is that correct ? No other boat on it side. Ron
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    I will be docking at a dock for the summer, I have a question, I am not sure of so this is the place to ask. While pontoon is docked for a few days with bumpers between the boat and the dock. Should the tie off ropes be loose or hold the pontoon tightly to the dock. Pontoon will be in a no...
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    Are you guys using the new forum yet???

    I am confused
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    7 year warranty

    I never recieved paper work on the 7 year warranty on my 2013 Benni Ron Has anyone else ?
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    Arrived !!!!!

    Very nice I like it alot I have Bronze with Champane accent Be different Ron
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    Ladder Modification

    My dealer says 150.00 to add the ladder to my 20 SLX, I like the curve and I am 250 pounds I hope it works...They just replace the bottom section right ? Ron
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    Who insures your boat? What are you paying?

    239.00 a year full coverage
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    Poor customer support

    Sounds very strange to me Bennington and TB have bent over backwards for me and my Bennington's. There has to be more to it. Ron