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    new owner of a Benninton 22ssx

    Darrell, Welcome to our Bennington family! Tons of great information and people on this site so most of your questions can be answered. It will be a long winter for you but spring is coming!
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    Pulled the Trigger on the 2375 GCW!!!

    The mention of your V-Rod brings back some great memories as I had one when they first came out. I found more great places just riding around. Anyway, congrats on your new Bennie. You and your family wll surely enjoy many great times.
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    Newbie To the Site and possible owner

    Welcome to the forum Lakerat. I have a similar setup to what you are looking at with a 2275 RCW esp w/Yamaha 250 hp SHO. My Benny is loaded up with most of the options including the center fuel tank. I hit 47mph in perfect conditions and expect the boat you are looking at to get 42-43 at WOT...
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    New boat ordered today!!!

    Gonna be a nice ride Nap. I would secure the other 2 years of warranty for $290. Enjoy!
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    Tow vehicle

    There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a tow vehicle. I always felt more comfortable when I had quite a bit more towing capacity than was required. The ride is better, less strain on the tranny, etc. Other factors include: How far to your favorite watering holes. Steepness of...
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    2275RCW/GCW Engine Choices - 250's

    Hi Tom, I have a similar setup that you are looking at. 2011 2275 RCW with Yamaha 250 SHO. Power is good all the way to top end with good mid range punch. Especially appreciate this much engine when we have a lot of guests aboard. More guests/heavier cooler for beer = need for a lot of...
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    Received build date!

    Welcome to the party guys!
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    Sad Day

    gerry, it's not just you. I was thinking the same thing when I watched the video. Can't be too careful when being out on the water especially with children.
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    I'm an idiot...

    Hey Steve, I gained a lot of "experience" a few years ago when I determined that the anchor works best when attached to the boat. Yep, nice anchor and line at the bottom of lake gaston.
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    my new 24sfx is coming in monday or tuseday

    Welcome to the party and congrats on your new Bennie!
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    QCW 2575

    Hi Jack, Congrats on your new boat and welcome to the party. The Q really is a stunning pontoon boat. My advice would be to adhere to the maintenance schedule and enjoy your new Bennington with family and friends as much as possible.
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    Complaint about Bennington dealer who is Evinrude dealer

    Bob, I would recommend a phone call or visit to the dealer to try to resolve any issues. Then you will know if there is a problem with your dealer. A bit old fashioned in this technology age but quite effective.
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    Has Amber Yellow been discontinued???

    Probably a good idea TB controls the colors. Imagine how low you would have to drop the price trying to sell a used lime green or orange boat. I guy on our lake can't give away his orange boat.
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    Buying a New 22 SLX

    Julie, Congrats on your new Bennington and I am sure you must be getting excited. If you plan to wake board and tube, you and your guests will appreciate the extra performance of the 150 HP Mercury. Definitely worth the extra $ if it fits in the budget. Good luck with your decision.
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    Tomorrow is the day!

    Bulldog, Congrats on your beautiful new Bennie. Nice touch with the red dog collar. Will be interested in your opinion on your SHO power plant.