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    2275 GCW with F150XA a dog in corners when tubing

    I have the same problem with a 90hp.  Too much boat.
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    Agree !!!
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    blocking up my pontoon from trailer

    When I polished my toons, I took a 4x4 and made a T with a short piece of 4x4.  Placed a floor jack under T and spread the load over sever of the cross members.  I just wanted to get high enough to lift off the bunks.
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    Pontoon trailer Size

    I second the above comments.  Purchased my boat used and the original trailer was a single axle trailer.  I purchased an aluminum tandem axle trailer with additional carrying capacity.  No worries now !!!
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    What prop do you use with 90 Merc 4 stroke

    We have the following toon with these numbers: 2010 2275 SFI 90 Yamaha 4 Stroke 3 Blade Stainless 13x14.5p Power Tech Crockett, Tx 23.3mph/gps
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    Towing Another Boat

    This is the method and connection point for pulling tubers (another boat).  I use the same bridle with the pulley attachment, and it doesn't rub the motor.
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    Towing Another Boat

    You need to use the rings on the back of the pontoon deck to pull anything.  These are bolted thru the metal deck frame.
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    Stainless steel prop

    Some are polished stainless, I have seen some that look like they are powder coated.  Usually these props have a black finish, not shiny black, almost a matt finish.  Aluminum props are almost always white.
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    Trailer: Karavan vs Phoenix

    Tell the dealer you will take delivery of the boat with the Karavan trailer but when the Pheonix trailer comes in you want to swap trailers at no charge.  If no deal, tell the dealer you will wait to take delivery of the boat until the Pheonix trailer comes in.  We are in the 3rd week of June. ...
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    Is a double black bimini hot??

    I have the dark blue top.  It isn't hot as long as a light breeze is blowing.  Any color is going to be hot without a breeze.  Get the black and enjoy.  I think the black would set the boat off, good choice.
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    another question: Insurance

    X2 On Progressive.  Best prices I could find.
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    First post & first test drive

    Hello Tailgate, We have a 2010 22SFI.  We have the 2 fishing chairs up front and 1 chair in the rear.  We have the 90 Yamaha 4 stroke, with the SS prop.  I would recommend the SS prop.  We bought ours used from a guy on Lake Fork, the motor had almost 10 hours on it when we purchased.  We...
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    DSC 0125

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    Storage Warning/Lesson Learned

    Thanks cwag911, Those pictures make me feel a lot better.  I don't have a center tube, I plan on putting 2 board side by side just in case I am off a little.  I had the brackets custom made and galvanized.  Just waiting on the water to warm up a little.
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    Storage Warning/Lesson Learned

    Wow, I was planning to change my lift from 2-2"X8" almost vertical board each about 30 degrees inward on each pontoon to 2-2"X8" flat.  Each pontoon would sit entirely on the flat 2-2"X8" board side by side.  I needed a little extra room to get out of the lift when the lake drops a little.  I...