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    Eyelit for Crane/Hoist on Bennington?

    At our yacht club we have a transfer crane/hoist that is used to move boats in and out of our dry dock area. It's also used to clean boats, etc. I'm trying to determine if there is a way to properly lift my 22 SLX with this hoist. Essentially you need an eyelit that you hook the hoist to...
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    Pulled The Trigger Boat Arrives in a Week

    Yep, 150 is the way to go. As others have said, number of passengers will quickly eat at that too speed when it's unable to get you on plane. Also, after you get some dirty toons, you'll also lose 3-5 unless you keep them scrubbed. Just cleaned mine yesterday and gained about 3 mph (up to...
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    New member, 1st boat

    Welcome to the club!  Nice toon!
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    In-floor gas tank access hatch

    Sorry I can't help...but what a pain!  Someone needs to make a nice billet cover to replace it.
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    Throttle Control

    I agree. My Yamaha 150 engages a click out of neutral in both directions.
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    Input on a few new boat issues

    Hey bcpnick, I can't speak to the rest, but my throttle does the same thing.  I would say it's pretty decent up until 50-75% throttle, but anything beyond that and it won't hold. Regarding your speed, would you say the wait was balanced bow to stern?  I've ran 35 with my 150hp and SPS with 9...
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    Oh the PADs...

    Congrats!!!  Looks like a beautiful boat!
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    Picked Up Our First Kneeboard for the Bennington!

    This is what we have:
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    Oh the PADs...

    Good luck with the PADS!  And yes, third tube storage is HUGE!  You could hide a couple of bodies in there!
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    Picked Up Our First Kneeboard for the Bennington!

    I thought the same when I watched the video, but it's a 55' rope.  Not sure what the standard length should be for kneeboarding...when you're on the board, it feels like plenty of room.
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    sony radio

    Yep, would be covered by your warranty.  Contact your dealer. Is the volume only low for the radio?  Or is it also low on CD?
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    mines sold.. time to order my new upgrade!! couple questions

    Regarding extended aft deck...Just didn't fit my budget at this point.  Haven't missed it yet, but I don't know what I'm missing :)   Extended bow is a no brainer!
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    Clothing dye on seats

    What lake are you on again jsur?
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    Boat gone.....

    Sounds like fun too!  Good luck, hopefully we'll still see you around.
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    Local Bennington Party

    Looks like fun!