1. Rssuttle

    Yamaha 115 four stroke 5 props comparison

    Hey. I’ve been struggling to find posts using a 2017 and up Yamaha 115 four stroke. I found this post from 2019. Hope this helps Thanks v1rot8. Jul 23, 2019 #47 New Member
  2. M

    Need specs for original propeller - 2005 227FS w/ mercury 115

    Hi... I need to replace my prop and trying to figure out the pitch of the original prop to decide if I should raise or lower the pitch for the new prop. Motor is a 2004 Mercury 115HP model 115ELPT4S. The original prop has no markings on it. I've searched on the serial number for the motor...
  3. S

    Propeller questions hopefully answered

    In a two minute video a Yamaha Pro tells it like it is about prop pitch. Hint, it’s not the speed but rpm at full throttle or the optimum rpm range with your motor. Simple and no nonsense approach. You will need your motor owners manual to determine max rpm range or go git in it and let her rip...
  4. H

    Propeller selection of 22 LFB with SPS and 200 HP Mercury

    First, thank you for all the great information throughout this site. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find my specific situation. I am about to order my new Bennington and I am looking for some guidance on propeller selection - any help? 2021 L (LFB with SPS package). 200 hp Mercury v6 4s...
  5. D

    Prop Chatter with Yamaha F115 2010

    I recently purchased a 2010 Bennington 2250, 25" toons with a F115 running an 14x11 Black max prop 48-77338A45. The hub kit that was on there wasn't specifically for a Yamaha so I thought I'd get one that was as it chattered with the new black max 11x14 prop. I ordered a Quicksilver 835271Q2...
  6. Merc225

    Prop question

    Weve a brand new 24 ft tritoon w a new mercury 225 four stroke. Propped w a Enertia 3 blade 14.7 x 16P SS prop. Runs out at 46 mph at 5800 rpms. The engines mounted in 2nd hole.from top mount hole. Cavitation plates lined up good w bottom of the transom. But we get tons of water spraying in...
  7. Dahbull

    Performance issues

    Recevied a new 25' QSR with cladded arch last week. Have the yamaha F300 motor and the dealer (or yamaha) placed a black painted stainless steel prop on the boat. Took it out for its first trip and the prop sounded like it was ventilating. Fastest speed we could get was 37 MPH at 6000-6100...
  8. M

    2275 GCW with F150XA a dog in corners when tubing

    When swinging a tube it just falls on its face I have a 2013 2275GCW with a Yamaha F150XA Prop is a yamaha reliance series 15-m 14 1/2 Have esp package with lifting strakes
  9. F

    Speed Problem

    I have a 2016 (bought new) 2350 RSR boat with a WOT speed of 32 MPH (measured with a GPS) and an RPM of 5550.  Everything I read says my prop is close to ideal and I should be getting between 38 and 41 MPH.  Any idea what is wrong?  The dealer has not been very helpful.  For the tech info...
  10. D

    Best prop for 2004 257 FA with a 140 johnson 4 stroke.

    I'm tiring to figure what the best prop for my boat is. I needed to get it replace and never have had to do this and the dealer wanted to give me a different one that was on it. I then called a different dealer and they told me a different size so now i'm really confused. Any help would be much...
  11. J

    Questionable Performance

    Just bought a Bennington 24' SSRX in the Spring of this year. Upgraded to a 115 horse Yamaha motor with a stock propeller (13.75 X 15). Since driving all summer I have noticed some inconsistent performance issues with the boat that I was hoping to get some advice on. First question is the...
  12. W

    2250RL Performance Issues

    Hi, I'm brand new to the Bennington forums, but I used to spend a lot of time over at PDB Forums years back.   Love the boat, the speed, not so much.  Should have held out for a 150HP, but it was a great deal and have had it for years. Like the title says, we've got a 2250RL with a Mercury 4...
  13. J

    Please Help! - 115 prop

    Thank you in advance for your recommendations I'm new to Bennington and boat owning in general for that matter.  I have a 2275GFS with a 115 Yamaha and express tube with strakes.  I also have the added weight of Sea Legs.    I love the boat, but the top speed is really getting me down.  I went...
  14. whitacre

    2250 GBR Prop Question

    We just purchased a new 2250 GBR with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke and a 13.25 X 17 prop. My top speed is only about 21 MPH. My dealer says I should get 25 to 26 MPH. I think I should get at least 25 and maybe even a little more. My question is... Is the 13.25 X 17 prop the best for my set up...
  15. Prop


  16. H

    Choosing the right Propeller

    Hey everyone, I am sure this topic has been beat to death, however I searched for my particular boat/engine and didn't find anything so I am hoping someone has some insight for me. I just purchased a used 2011 2550 RCL with a Yamaha f250. It has the ESP package, center fuel, and lifting...
  17. R

    New Owner questions

    Hi everybody, I just purchased an 08 2575 RLi with the ESP and a 200hp Optimax. I was curious what I should be seeing for top speeds with this setup, I currently have a 4 blade 14 3/8 18p Apollo prop and see a top speed of 28MPH at about 5000~ RPM with 6 adults on the boat. Does this sound...
  18. J

    2275 GCW with 250 SHO

    Trying a new prop saltwater series 2 15 1/2 by 19