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    Battery Question

    Thank you gentleman... I certainly appreciate all the replies.... have a great weekend!
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    Battery Question

    Hello Guys.... got a question for you. I'm getting ready to buy a new battery for my Benny.... It's a single battery set up rigged with a Yamaha 75 four stroke. I was all set to go out and buy a new agm battery but I read some forums that said yamaha discourages owners from using agm...
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    It's Official

    Rockie... saw the pics of your new Benny in the gallery.... BEAUTIFUL boat.... Congratulations....
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    My dealer stinks

    Hate to hear that... that's way too many issues for a new boat owner to have to deal with.... when I bought my Benny there was GM at the dealership that used to be my neighbor... he gave me a good deal.. and yeah, there were a few minor issues when the boat was delivered, but he took care of...
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    Boat has arrived, Picture added!!!

    Congratulations on the new Benny..... just 10 more days til the 20th... it will be here before you know it.... you're gonna love that Bennington!!!!
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    Took delivery of the new Benny

    sweet looking toon... congratulations....
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    new toon

    Milo.... congratulations on the new toon.... gorgeous boat... you and your family are gonna have a blast this summer!!!! thanks for sharing the pics...
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    Pics of our 2013 2550 gbr came home today

    congratulations on the new boat... she's beautiful...... there's something about a brand new Benny!!!!
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    Got it!

    Congratulations on the new toon... good looking rig.. I'm sure you and your family will have a blast this summer with your new benny..... and what do you mean it's not fancy? Has the Bennington name on it doesn't it..... when I bought my Benny a couple of years back, I bought what is obviously...
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    Got it!

    tic tock - tic tock Still waiting on those pics....
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    Alum. Prop with motor

    Prop came on with my boat.. aluminum, but it's on a 75 yamaha and does fine..... I wouldn't think you would have to pay extra for a prop.... although my dealer did get under my skin when I took our boat in for service at the end of the first season... noticed I had a low tire on the trailer and...
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    First time out for the Season

    Gee... beautiful pics... the clarity of that water is amazing!!!! Your toon looks like a bennington post card out on that lake... congratulations!
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    Just picked up..PICS, PICS

    Beautiful Toon... Congratulations on the new boat... she's gorgeous...
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    Boat Cover Snaps - Worst Tuesday of My Life

    I never tow with the cover on, but then again I drive less than 10 miles or so each way to the launch.... there are a lot of places that sell covers... I don't have any personal experience with them, but take a look at They have a cover on there that they say is designed for...
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    Today is the day!!!

    Did anybody mention PICS?