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    Bilge pump fuse location

    Check near the battery, if it is an automatic pump, there should be a fuse holder near the battery.
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    What Products Do You Use To Clean & Protect Aluminum Bimini Frame?

    I just wipe them down with the same soapy water i use on the rest of the boat, Meguiers california gold at the moment. Being anodized, they don't need a lot of care or protection.
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    OOOOOOps #2

    Ooouuch! The good news is a competent welder can have that repaired in no time. Sorry to see the damage!
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    Side Panel Damage

    Or maybe try one of the paintless dent repair people?
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    Any Bennington Reps on the forums?

    Team Bennington checks up on us now and then, but they do not monitor the site. I would give them more time to respond, later next week. If memory serves me, the RL210 deck boat was a short lived product that was actually out sourced to a fiberglass hull manufacturer, and trimmed out by...
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    Docking lights for 2008

    There must be a replacement bulb out there some where, how about a pic of it? Somebody might recognize it?
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    New to me GCW - questions

    I'm a bit confused by this as well. The salesman says the boat has underskinning, but is does not, ok, you want an express tube added, at your expense, ok. Adding an express tube nullifies the whole underskin debate as the underskin would have to be changed/modified as part of the addition of...
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    Verado 300

    Can you see where it leaked out? It could be as simple as a hose connection not tight. I would take a look for a simple fix before handing it back to the dealer. But really it is a warranty issue. And, i deleted the duplicate post on this subject ;)
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    Ethanol..... again. Useful tips here.

    Here goes another debatable subject. Tetraethyl lead is actually an upper cylinder/valve lubricant, and was once considered beneficial to engines, (probably still is) The reason lead was removed from automotive fuel is because it was shown to damage or clog catalytic converters. Remember...
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    Ethanol..... again. Useful tips here.

    Is that engineered/synthetic fuel? I have seen that at the local lawn care dealer, they swear by it.I have not tried it because of the cost.
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    Any positive explanation for the boat listing?

    That's alot of water!  Do you know the history behind the patch job that was done? Not that it really matters now, but wouldn't want the same people doing the current repair :unsure: Sounds like you will have a quick turnaround time and be back on the water soon.
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    Trailer bunk height for Elliptical center tube

    Perhaps you could talk to a local welding shop and have them modify the bunk brackets to be either reset to the proper angle or made to be adjustable.
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    Sea Trial

    If 300hp on a Q aint enough for you, well there is probably no hope ;) I'm sure once you get out there it will all come together and that feeling of satisfaction will overwhelm you! Get us some pics of your new toy, cause without pics, it aint true! Enjoy!
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    I guess we'll see

    Sorry to hear about that Derrick, but could the new job offer you the opportunity to help the company grow with your experience, and perhaps put you in a better position in the long run? I know change can be tough to work through, but sometimes you have to take some risk to improve your...
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    Keeping the Toons Looking Great

    I think the acetone evaporates faster, so you get more working time with the lacquer thinner. Both should do equally as well as far as cleaning power, but use what works best for you.